Wednesday, 20 December 2006


I thought I was alone,


I was wrong.

Abandoned, yes, but not alone.

Evil is lurking.

Closer than I had ever imagined.

It stares at me,






And I play along.

I beg for its mercy,

Though I’m the one that has been wronged.

The evil laughs at me,

And does not forgive.

I am betrayed.

The knife tastes sweet,

Buried deep in my back.

Positioned carefully,

So that I can’t reach at it.

Here is one wound I cannot heal.

My closest stone is no longer mine.

Abandonment beckons me.

Strange faces offer to help me,

But I decline.

How ironic!

I would only have accepted

If the evil would have offered.

Silence is our companion,

Eyes upon us like a watchful mother.

Evil is my friend now.

And he loves me,

Like a brother;

Like a vulture loves a carcass.

I realize now I was right

The first time.

Even with the evil beside me,

I am alone.