Saturday, 29 August 2009


He stared absently at the blur that was the street whizzing by. As the rickshaw slowed to a halt, he wished his mind would, too. No such luck.

A red Maruti 800 pulled up next to him. The child in the passenger’s seat looked at him and smiled.

He couldn’t even return it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Of Dirty Walls, Sundays and Stained Fingers

This Sunday gone would have seen another edition of The Lazy Sunday Photoblog making its way to you. Instead, it found me halfway between Mahim and Matunga Road stations, brush, paint and spray cans in hand.

The stretch of wall from Mahim to Dadar (about 4 kms) has been thrown open by the Municipal Corporation to the public to paint. If that wasn’t enough of a shocker, they even brought paints, brushes and whatnot for people to use. Friggin’ awesomeness. I haven’t been in much of a writing mood for a while, so I’m going to let the images do the talking.

Just throwing this in as an intro: The only things I really wanted to do were
a) share one of my major philosophies in life, and
b) introduce the world to one of my bestest friends

I did both. Here’s the life lesson:
(as always, click through for a bigger image. Hansa, this is as close as I can get you to being there)

You may want to look at this upside down as well.

And here’s my friend:

Pedro is a Mexican chef extraordinaire, loves travelling and adventure, and generally passes out some of the best coffee this side of Betelguse 7.

The whole thing was really one section, as you’ll see in the holistic view below:

And this is what he looked like in the end!

Of course, I wasn’t alone in this. Of course not. I possess the artistic abilities of those fabled monkey-owning typewriters. Wait, what? Gah, never mind. You get what I mean.

So let’s just put into the open the fact that without the shady abilities of @wanderblah, I’d have been lost. Of course, without my able supervision, she’d be lost as well, really; it wasn’t like she’d made something without any help from me before…

See? She traveled to the future, saw what I had thought of, then went back in time to give out a piece of advice of her own.

Umm.. yeah. Whatever.

So I got her to do my slave labour help me out with some bits, That't it. Put your back into it, woman! Yeah, stretch!

while I ably supervised the whole thing.
As designated paparazzi for the day, I took my job seriously. And yeah, that's an effin' DSLR I'm holding.

And of course, she wasn’t the only one. This here is the whole gang of peeps we managed to round up, starting of course with His Awesomeness who was the first to reach there.

Showing off like this was some fairytale weekend. Wait, it was? 
Standing up: Jai (really cool artist dude with an awesome piece of art next to ours) @Spitphyre, @adityab and @wanderblah. Kneeling/sitting: @Ideasmithy and @shawnlewis
And that’s @Spitphyre’s wall behind them.

Here are some more of us awesome peeps, denying each other Crimson Bovines (which we got for free). And believe me, you really want to zoom in on that pic on the left. Also, there’s us generally looking cool while really just sitting around under trees, doing nothing.

Yes, I know. That *really* is a friggin' brilliant tee.We iz street. Or on the street. Or something like that. 
                                                                     (that’s @VagrantSeeker’s bro {you try remembering 
                                                                       his name in just one go} Hmmm. Rhyme.)

@Ideasmithy, @adityab and Jai had their own ideas on what their wall art should be. As you can see, they include alien boobies, weird sexual acts and random violence.

Is it me, or is he fingering the alien boobies? Listen. You stop making fun, okay? Whatever rocks their boat. Ideasmithy swings with a *vicious* right hook! Adityab is hit! He's hit bad! He's going down!

Also, since most of us here knew each other from twitter, things were incomplete without a twitterstream. Hence, our timeline:

Yes, the bom shizgit. If you don't know what it means, you don't deserve to know.

Ha ha ha, funny. When the Jhayu shizgit, no? Oh, screw off.



And this is me shamelessly plugging myself on twitter.



And of course, the best thing to come out of this? My kickass new dispic. Kudos to @wanderblah for the steady hand, 'cos I tried doing this, and it’s NOT easy.

I am the perfection, standing still amongst the speeding nonsense of the world.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Why So Serious? Because You Have Really GOT To Be Kidding Me.

This is the commercial currently playing in India for the new Honda Jazz. This damn post has been in my head for near on three months now. Someone please tell me what the fuck this ad is trying to say.

That this car is so awesome that it will make the transparent cars of geriatric (and closet homosexual) senior executives explode into little bubbles?

That a 9-year old will like this car more than a transparent car made of plastic?

That cute college chicks will leave their bubble-blowing boyfriends for me?

And what the fuck is it with that stupid cactus plant? No, really? What are you trying to say?????


If anyone out there understood this ad, please, do let me know. Really. Because it’s killing me to have to see this ad on TV all the time.


Oh, and fucktards, that music you’re playing, it’s not jazz, it’s swing.