Sunday, 2 August 2009

Why So Serious? Because You Have Really GOT To Be Kidding Me.

This is the commercial currently playing in India for the new Honda Jazz. This damn post has been in my head for near on three months now. Someone please tell me what the fuck this ad is trying to say.

That this car is so awesome that it will make the transparent cars of geriatric (and closet homosexual) senior executives explode into little bubbles?

That a 9-year old will like this car more than a transparent car made of plastic?

That cute college chicks will leave their bubble-blowing boyfriends for me?

And what the fuck is it with that stupid cactus plant? No, really? What are you trying to say?????


If anyone out there understood this ad, please, do let me know. Really. Because it’s killing me to have to see this ad on TV all the time.


Oh, and fucktards, that music you’re playing, it’s not jazz, it’s swing.

20 member protest rally:

Anonymous said...

I have no frigging clue. But I have to tell you, I keep screaming 'Dum Doodly Dum' at the top of my voice in the shower :P

Bada catchy gaana hai ji

Jhayu said...

@ Ki.
Yeah, it's a nice track, but I really think I didn't need to know that. Really.

Anonymous said...

Haha sorry :P

Preeti said...

heh heh...

we have the same questions when we see this bloody ad. THE SAME QUESTIONS. and your reactions/outbursts are almost causing a sense of deja vu. in fact im watching it right now. so is that coincidence or .... is the planet going crazy. the bubbles are cute though. and the cactus is so bizarre that it is almost beautiful.
it is interesting though that this ad is not leaving any any room for any of us to even begin the figuring out process. we are all lost and frustrated. HAHAHAHA....

I know, Mine Knight, that you are rather enraged at this moment. and my words are increasing the intensity. :p

Preeti said...

Rather off tangent... but have you read Weight of Water by Anita Shreve. amazing read. i happened to watch the movie and then read the book. both were breathtaking.

Jhayu said...

@ Ki.
Thank you for appreciating.

@ The Maiden.
No, actually I was enraged three months ago. Seeing it again just roused memories of that rage =p
And, when you go off on a tangent, you really go off on a tangent, don't you?

Avantika A. said...

OMG thank you for putting this question out there...i put it out to the universe everytime i hear 'dum doody dum'...aaggghhhh!

Preeti said...

Yes i do...when random thoughts flip flop in front of me it leaves me with no choice but to stop them from flip flopping and trap them...and who better to discuss books with than thou...?

Preeti said...

And how's the day been so far...?

Anonymous said...

let me explain...
1. the transparent cars correspond to rival brands
2. bursting bubbles symbolizes destroying illusions or giving bad news(the creative director is probably trying to explain that other cars cant make a stand now that honda jazz is here)
3. cactus here could be for two reasons
a) bursting the bubbles of rival brands
b)the last part of the ad shows the cactus plant with a flower
that is very rare. so maybe the CD is using the rare flower as a metaphor for honda jazz, to describe how unique it is.
4. no idea abt the music...they could have used jazz ...but i like it!!

The gaffe of this ad is that the CD has tried to explain n depict toooo manny things in the same frame which does nothing for the target audience but definitely makes an impression on the soap audience

Ruhi (NM colg..Umang...SF ;))

Natasha said...

basically it breaks everyones bubble of how nice they think their car is.

godessofnirvana said...

it says you feel as light as bubbles are when you drive this car around. the world around you seems lighter too! i think its a pretty effective ad that lives to its tagline, considering other horrendous car ads. No?

Jhayu said...

@ Avantika.
= ) And look, look, answers!

@ The Maiden.
Yes, but need that be done here? We can always talk!

@ Ruhi.
What's the point of being anonymous if you're going to sign your name?
And yeh, I think they tried doing too much and left too much for me to interpret. I am the fool that doth not get the marketing message. And I am a copywriter. =p

@ Bunny.
Then why are they so happy about it? And why that line?

@ Deity of an immortal band.
Hey, not all of them are terrible. As you'll see here, there are car ads that I have been known to like.

godessofnirvana said...

@j thanks for sharing that! yes, that was the only ad that was nice and still have a brand recall value. rest all are still terrible :p

Jhayu said...

@ Deity of an immortal band.
Awesomeness, no that was?

Ruhi said...

iv been doing this with hundreds of ads....I want to be a copywriter too ;)....and yeah, i didn't notice the name/URL option earlier

Ruhi said...

I’ve been doing this with hundreds of ads....I want to be a copywriter too ;)....and yeah, I didn't notice the name/URL option earlier

Preeti said...

We can always talk????
with what mouth are you saying this...??? ha???
(kindly translate the above in hindi)

and update already... hmphf!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Well, anonymous Ruhi a said a couple of things I wanted to say, but let me repeat one penny and add one penny (my total of two pence)

When that car passes people, their vehicles burst
1) Indicating it 'burst their bubble', proverbially
2) Left them feeling naked. Clothes kept intact due to censorship reasons.
3) All their immediate reality dissolved and they could see only that damn vehicle.

The cactus, if taken -->seriously<-- could mean "I hate you, lets break up!", but as you see, the slogan (or whatever its called in advertising language) is, "Why so serious!"

So the guy was being 'not serious' by bringing just the whole cactus instead of just the flower, and the girl was also not the 'serious type' who, if a thing could be interpreted two ways, would always take it the wrong way. So she spotted the flower (rare, as anonymous said), and claimed it happily/proudly, and appreciated the joke.

The serious thorny cactus was left behind, as the corny accompaniment to the last scene's line "Why so serious"

I didn't think of all this just to reply. These were automatic immediate interpretations when watched the ad first time, so must've been obvious. Of course, the interpretations were feels, which were converted to words by me here.

Besides, if you come to think of it, "Why so serious?" line is mocking your post in advance ;)

Of course one thing that I am curious about is, why did only a few other vehicles burst below when this thing was passing over a flyover?

1) The power to burst follows the inverse square law?
2) Not everybody below saw it?
3) The vehicles that didn't burst were superior (autorickshaws included ;) )
4) The drivers of vehicles that didn't burst don't give a damn (autorickshaw drivers included) ;)

workhard said...

No clue!!!

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