Friday, 31 October 2008

Random Observations

So seeing how I'm being totally unable to successfully finish off that piece, I've decided not to deny you guys good reading. To that end, I'm bringing out the little postlets I've been storing away for the past two weeks. Here they are:

People need to make up their minds. Seriously. You can't call me 'immature' one day and 'young-at-heart" the next. One's a good thing, the other's not. I don't mind being called either, just not both.


*sigh* I cannot accurately describe the perils of coming out of the agnostic closet to a hyper-religious mother. I came close to it not so long ago, and it wasn't pretty.


Indecision sucks. A lot. It's really crappy that people crib about me being childish and noisy, and when I stop being so, complain that I'm too quiet and moody. What do you want, really?


Mother can't speak in normal tone or at normal volume anymore. I guess 17 years of screaming at 4 and 5 year-olds has taken its toll.


How to freak out hotel cleaning staff: When you leave your room, leave in the dustbin a sanitary napkin and a condom.


My brother needs help. He says he has trouble sleeping in our room because it's too hot. He also makes it a point, every night, to turn the fan speed down to 1.


Drunk driving is fun. Before you all get ballistic on me, I mean getting drunk and playing NFS. Oh, it is so much fun to crash other people's cars on purpose. They honk like frightened little girls!!! *hee hee hee*


Any arguments about the brilliance of cinema are utterly useless in the face of this one comment: "My singing show is on." That statement is like the thunderclap on the Magnum in CounterStrike. Lethal first shot.


It's brilliant to hang out (and get mildly drunk) with old, old friends who you don't get to see very often anymore. It's kinda freaky when, based on the duration of your relationship, they start looking to you to define love, though.


I hate Alexander Graham Bell. Thanks to him, one's attachment to another person is measured purely by the number of times that person is called.


We are slaves to habit. And our subconsciousness. Like when iced tea is served in a small wine glass with an overly long, obnoxious straw, 8 out of 10 people will drink with the straw when it's infinitely more comfortable to bung it somewhere and drink straight from the glass.


Here's something you don't want happening to you: You go over to your Creative Director with ads to be approved, tell him that an email awaits him, and he turns to you slowly, saying, "I've got a sinking feeling about this," only to inform you a minute later he was referring to a malfunction in the height control on his chair.


Who am I?


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

It's Festival Time Again!

Seeing how everyone is saying this, it's about time I step out of my self-imposed stupor and wish people.

So here's hoping people had a lovely time with India's greatest celebration of air pollution and child labour!

Clearly, I'm not a festival-sy kind of guy.
Let it also be stated for the record that this frame of mind is brought about only by my thorough dislike of what these festivals now stand for. I'm sure they originally had loftier ideals in mind, but that's clearly not the case anymore.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Just a heads up

So you guys know what to expect, my next post is going to be The Gap - Part III.

This of course, means that those of you who haven't, need to go read The Gap - Part I and The Gap - Part II. Those of you who have, need to go refresh your memory. And those of you who spend your days trolling back and forth in my archives (read my imaginary friends and I), well, chances are you've seen it already, but I was never much of a gambling man, so...

Anyway, will be on real soon.

Seeya then.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Hola Peeps!...umm... er... Again?

I realise the beautiful irony in the fact that my last post stated that I'm back and all that jazz, and that it was a week ago today. Plus, Preeti asked me to post, and that's not the sort of thing one can just ignore.

So, I'm officially apologising for the delay, just been really dashed with work and all that, what with Bunny Singh deciding to move on to greener pastures... Someone's got to take over her workload, and from the looks of it, the CD thinks it should be me, even though Maniak a.k.a. Che a.k.a. Lady Bastard goofs around in office a lot more than I do. Yeah, it all begins with a casual, "Jhayu, do you have about ten minutes to spare?" and the next thing I know, a week later, Team Leads are being yelled at by Business Development people from Singapore for "not knowing that Jhayu has been assigned to XYZ campaign". It would really be rather amusing if it didn't involve my incarceration in the office.

In any case, I've decided that you guys have suffered long and hard enough (so have my page visits), so here's My Random Observation For The Day:

It's really brilliant how perspectives change. A month ago, if you'd have asked me which is the best seat in a BEST bus, without even a remote competitor, I'd have told you it was the second seat from the right (in that image). You get more wind blowing in, more legroom, fewer people cram into that section of the bus... I could go on and on.

Ask me the same question today, and my answer will be, "the sixth window from the left". And again, this is the best seat by a long, long margin. Why? Simple. The seat is optimally placed to get wind blowing from two windows, but ever more importantly, the overhead light is perfectly placed to allow reading. And believe you me, for someone who only really gets to read in the bus on the way home at somewhere close to 10.30 pm everyday, it's pretty important.

I realise this is not a real post. I have started writing one, one of my stabs at 'serious' writing. Yes, Chusks, it's Part III of The Gap. I'll have it out soon. I swear.

In the meantime, here's a fun thing to do. Read this post again with a British accent.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hola Peeps!

Yes, I am back. Not in full force, as there remains some work to be done on my PC at home, like activating the internet.

First off, a big shout out to the Lady Bastard a.k.a Maniak a.k.a Che for his assistance in resurrecting my ol' faithful.

And now, responses to those lovely people who cared enough about me to comment on my last. To show my gratitude, I shall link every last one of you. Not that that will achieve anything, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

@ Preeti.
Tell me you failed. Please tell me you failed.

@ Lady Bastard.
I think the answer is now redundant.

@ Muduu.
Go on. It was very funny. You can say it. And see, my blog, he like you.

@ Still.
've seen Quark Express used on a PC!!!

@ Gina.
You're here? Like, here, here? Or just in India here?

@ Kurtnirvana.
You frigging R. Not even the remotest sense you have of how not to sound like a bot. Couldn't find an even remotely related post?

@ Bunny Singh.
Liar. You're not guilty at all about the fact that I no longer have a year's worth of photographs. Or any of my software. Evil Woman.

@ The Punguin (yeah, originality is a point I need to work on)
Now, now... Why so cynical? There are some lovely men out there. Like me!

@ Over.
Oh, that you would care enough even to want me arrested... *sighs*

So, will be back with a full fledged post soon. Either Jhayu's offline archives (yes, I've been storing them away), or the continuation of the much-abused Goa miniseries.

Till then, Ciao, familia...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Just to let you know - the second.

I've taken a sabbatical from blogger for a bit. This is to let you guys know that that sabbatical is going to get longer. I can only blog from work now because, thanks to Bunny Singh and her desire to have Quark Express, which, like the gentleman that I am, I agreed to download for her, my PC at home no longer registers a C:/ drive.

Yes, that means my PC is rather royally jacked. Add to that how little time I've been spending at work (he he he, that was a funny), and the end result is that it's going to be some time before I get anything new and interesting up here.


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Now THAT's What You Call A Job.

What should I think of my work, if in the line of duty (so to speak), I've had the office server IP address blocked by Gmail?

Yeah, that means no one in my office can open a new gmail account while at work, 'cos the shared IP address is suspected of spamming.

Hey, I was on official work.