Thursday, 2 October 2008

Now THAT's What You Call A Job.

What should I think of my work, if in the line of duty (so to speak), I've had the office server IP address blocked by Gmail?

Yeah, that means no one in my office can open a new gmail account while at work, 'cos the shared IP address is suspected of spamming.

Hey, I was on official work.

10 member protest rally:

Over Rated said...

I'll ask you once and I'll beleive whatever you say (*or not .. depends on the answer) .... Please answer truthfully ....

Are you that spammer guy from the Nigerian Bank who took my bank account number? ....

What??? I'm just askin. I just want the money you promised me ...

Mudra said...

Hahahaha... Now it's official. You are the guys responsible for the 40 spam mails I seem to get everyday.

Screw your word verif!

Still thinking said...

How do you manage to do these things? How?

Btw, how was your day at work today? :p

Jhayu said...

@ Over.
Do I look Nigerian? Look at the picture, man!

@ Muduu.
= S Me no do nothing! Me swear!

@ Still.
Well, they told us to!!

And it's still not over. This is the first time I've checked my personal mail all day.

Over Rated said...

Dude, I'm color blind.

It was a fair question.

Preeti said...

you talking what...jhayu...?

why am i not able to understand a single word that you are saying...?


Che said...

dude seriously wtf were you doing???

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Lil wonder that I keep getting tonnes of spam mails everyday!


btw...., do visit My Blog when time permits!

Jhayu said...

@ Preeti, Lady Bastard.
I had to create email aliases so that I could 'anonymously' upload a particular video that a client wanted spread.

@ Over.
My bad. =P

@ Rakesh.
Firstly, welcome. And secondly, that link was wrong. It's cool that you know html and all, but be careful, next time.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I mistyped the link...... it should have been
but I missed the l in almost!

Apologies for the typo!

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