Monday, 26 March 2007

The Vision

She stands, leaning in the frame of the door.

She looks at me, right then,

That look that says “I’ve got your number…”

The eyes squint, the eyebrows form that look of mock anger.

She starts moving forward slowly.

I feign fear, back away till I'm against the wall,

And she’s getting closer. Closer still. Oh God, so close…

She waves a finger from side to side. I see her lips form the sound,

Tsk tsk tsk… Hear it in my head;

Her hand brushes against mine. I shudder.

Goosebumps run down my arm and a chill down my neck.

I close my eyes and feel her touch inside me.

Then, slowly, suddenly, the touch is gone.

I open my eyes, startled. But she’s right there.

She looks at me, assurance bleeding into me.

With her eyes, she tells me to close mine, that it’s all right.

I do.

Every pore on every inch of skin is alive, alert.

Waiting, expecting her touch.

The hair rise in anticipation, my skin charged, eager.

I wait.

Eventually I open my eyes; she is gone.