Friday, 6 March 2009

A Campaign To Remember – Tata Safari Dicor

So a couple of nights ago, we decided to en masse to step out of the office and meet Sir B for a drink. We did, except the drink wasn’t what I quite expected.

We met at the Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge in Vile Parle to sit and chat over a couple of cuppas, discussing, as usual, life and work (are they the same?) at P******m, advertising and books. We happened to notice the new Tata Safari Dicor ad on the TV set they had there, and we started talking about their older ads, which I’d loved from the start. Thought I should put them up here.


The Dicor campaign was characterized by its amazingly insightful and rather philosophical copy, artistic, abstract shots, brilliant, brilliant music score, simple voiceover, and a pleasant diversion from the usual My-Car-Is-So-Powerful-It-Will-Leave-Your-Car-Far-Behind-On-The-City-Streets approach.

This is the first ad that I remember seeing for Dicor. I’ve always been anti-corporate, so the opening line hooked me. And the music (soundtrack for the movie Requiem For A Dream) was is simply spectacular. The message embodied was something I believed in. And it had nothing to do with the car itself. I also like the last frame, where ‘Reclaim your life’ flashes and then disappears.

Sorry about the time delay, I couldn’t find a better clip.


This is the second ad – Lines. This was Maniak’s favourite. Again, brilliant music – subtle, yet in that subtlety, powerful - with simple narration in the background. Abstract shots, again. And again, a brilliant closing frame.


This is my favourite ad from the old campaign. The thing I liked most about is was the brilliance of the copy, again, something I associated with completely. And yet again, the music, punching in at the end. I can remember headbanging to those last few seconds sitting at home on the couch. And my dad looking at me like I’ve lost it.


As far as the new ad goes, I liked it, but not as much. They don’t have the punch these ones do, and I loved the narration in the earlier ones. 

I leave you with the print campaign. Again, abstract shots, powerful copy. Hope you liked this as much as I did.










I’m trying to ignore the typo in this one for the idea it embodies.



And my favourite...


17 member protest rally:

Peru said...

Whoa baby! Boss, haven't been tuned in to your blog for a while now (read: Umm.. I follow blogs but I really have a lot to do in life)

Thought of you while studying Advertising, Careers in Advertising, the works. Hehe..

I absolutely love the Dicor ad too! But I had no clue it was such a huge campaign.. The print ads somehow are harder hitting! Great stuff here..

And what's with the customised template, fancy fonts & stalker widgets, eh?


Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

Jhayu said...

@ Unknown Number (yeah, that's still how you're stored on my phone).
It's fine! Not everyone is as jobless as I.
And hum toh touch ho gaye! Thankis!
Yeah, I didn't know about the print ads either... But damn, I remember the TVCs.
And you really haven't been here in a bit, have you? This is the third or fourth 'fancy banner'. The stalker thingie's still new, though.
When to expect you next?

Vaudevillian said...

the first one's intense. love the last print ad.

ps-always wanted to go into advertising.

Jhayu said...

@ Vaudevillian.
My favourites, too.

And that is an awesome pic.

And why didn't you?

The Rat... said...

Really.. trust u too find spellos and typos everywr...


Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Really.. trust u too find spellos and typos everywr...

There's one there, too. =p
Sorry, knee-jerk reaction, can't help it.

The Rat... said...

man..that was intentional..

well well.. i feel like making an error every time i comment on ur page now on words... babye spell check...

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Why? Why? What did I ever do to you???

The Rat... said...

ha ha ha...

in btw, u didnt point out the major flaw in my last post... i wonder Why? Why? What did I ever do to you???

Che said...

I like that ad probably because of the background score.

WV: rumshomm

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Now that I know you're doing it on purpose, I no longer need to correct you. =) That's the beauty of my affliction.

@ Maniak.
I dunno, considering your personal space and non-toe-the-line issues, I'm guessing the copy might have had something to do with it.

And mushrooms!!!!!

sanely insane said...

my friend is the ACD whose made it those...its one thing knowing the ad...and an altogether different plane of understanding knowing the mind behind the ad :)

p.s. the voice over the song that plays is also hers

Jhayu said...

@ saneinsane.
Damn. Could you let her know I tip my hat?
And damn, I envy you.

shesturningblue said...

I really like this campaign as well. Thanks for putting it up.

Jhayu said...

@ Fishy.
My pleasure, m'dear.

~j~ said...

Not so knowledgeable about advertising but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dicor ads... Thanks for sharing!

kumar shivam said...

its a request.

Since its all about ads here,
have you seen the new ad of indiabulls feat. Saif ali khan?
The background music, as heard on television, is a modified version of the soundtrack of the movie gladiator.

I've searched all over the internet for that ad, and its there on many websites and youtube, but with some different background music, not the one which is there on the tv ad. The ad is same, except the music.

If it is possible for you, then can you please, somehow, tell me why have they changed the music on the sites and not on tv.
And to those commenting here- anyone having a tv tuner or other similar device which can record that tv ad? Even the ad's original mp3 would do.

Will be highly obliged for your kind help

nice page, btw :)

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