Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Exercising Personal Choice

Do you smoke?
No, I don’t.

Oh, why not?
It doesn’t really appeal to me.

Oh, but you should smoke! It’s fun!
For you, maybe. Enjoy!

No, no… You MUST smoke! Everyone else does!
That’s great for them, but I’d rather not.

But it feels brilliant! Come on, just try to smoke.
Thanks, but no thanks.

But look at those children there, smoking. Don’t they look happy?
Sure they do. And they’re entitled to that happiness; it’s just something I’d rather not share with them.

Oh, no. You’re smoking, and there are no two ways about it.
No, I’m not… Hey, let go! I don’t want to!


Lovely conversation isn’t it? Go back to the start and replace ‘smoke’ with ‘play holi’. Welcome to my life.

24 member protest rally:

Curlyconman said...

I am glad that my few smoker friends have not tried to induce their lame smoking habit in me.
And I have never found it tempting or a "cool" or "sexy" thing to do.

Really,how the hell does it "feel" brilliant?

But then,YOU wouldn't know. :-)

And yes,you're very much on a blogging spree and I happen to be on a must-post-first-comment one. :D

Peru said...

I so second this! :D

Happy Holi! *throws virtual water balloon at you*

Pratz said...

lolz...happy smoking...i mean...happy holi [:P]

Mudra said...

Initially, I thought it was smoking. So I was gonna suggest you go, "I'll report their parents to the police!!!!" when someone says "But look at those children there, smoking. Don’t they look happy?"

If only we could do that even for holi. ;)

Jhayu said...

@ Curly.
My smoker friends tell me not to smoke. =p
Ands you missed the point! The point was in the last line!
And no, I wouldn't.
And very good for you! Now you and Muduu can slug it out for that one.

@ Peru.
*throws virtual insults back*

@ Pratz.
No thanks for both... =p

@ Muduu.
That was the point... Glad you caught it.
And damn, if only.

Aries said...

There are worse specimens who dont waste their breath talking you into holi - meet the young brats who just throw water balloons with no warning.

I couldn't help laughing when I looked up (a few quick steps later) and saw this bunch of kids with their heads popping over the balcony railing, hands poised with more balloons.

Curlyconman said...

Okay I get it now.
Happy Holi. :-)

The Rat... said...

Lolz... i had assumed u as a smoker previously and was thinking WTF till i reached the Kids portion...

u really don't smoke?? hmmmm

Jhayu said...

@ Aries.
Welcome back! Haven't seen you here in a bit.
No, believe you me, there are worse kinds. I'm not going to describe.

@ Curly.
Good boy. =p And right back at you!

@ The Rat.
Nope, never have, probably never will. Like Curly said earlier on, never appealed to me.
But now I'm curious. What is it about me that made you think I was a smoker?
And have I totally shattered your perception of the world and people in it? Have I? Have I?

The Rat... said...

i dunno ... may be ur hippie look.. something abt ur look said u are into smoke, grass and drinks... ummm ok dont kill me now...

u haven't shattered perceptions, Jhayu.. i am happy.. basically i abhor smokers .. i cant stand the smell and never hesitate to lash out even strangers wen they smoke in public places...

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Appearances, my dear, are extremely deceptive. =)
And ironically, I'm wearing a t-shirt today with a marijuana leaf and the message 'Stoned Immaculate'. =p
And it's brilliant that you hate smokers. But wait... does that mean you hated me till now???

The Rat... said...

ummm... ermmmm.... hmmmm... actually... umm ok.. Yes.. :-P

The Rat... said...

and i am wearing this ear stud with grass on it... my drug addict friend gifted me this...

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
*gasps HAW!
And that's nice, abhor smokers, but have dopey friends?

Che said...

"something abt ur look said u are into smoke, grass and drinks."


For a moment I thought it was me who was being talked about.

WV: singe

Jhayu said...

@ Maniak.
Dude, that will always be said about you.

Over Rated said...

Okay. My sentiments exactly. About tobacco and holi colors.

But smoking Marijuana ..... well, ahem. Is there something wrong with dopey friends? They're good listeners.

Or at least that's what other people tell me.

shesturningblue said...

:) ha ha nicely done!

Jhayu said...

@ Over.
Dude! Join the club!!
And to the latter part, =p
To each his own, na?

@ Fishy.

Running in circles. said...

This was really nicely written.
So precise and tactful.

Jhayu said...

@ Running in circles.
Firstly, welcome! And thankis! I'm glad you think so.

Deepali said...

I hate the idea of playing holi too so I can totally sympathize but you're too damn dramatic - I kept thinking who the hell says 'look at those children there....' all the way till 'no two ways about it' hehe

Jhayu said...

@ Deepali.
It's the same thing, isn't it? I mean, one of those conversations is okay, but the other one isn't? NO FAIR!

Deepali said...

So getting addicted to smoking is the same as getting addicted to holi...haha I don't think so :P

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