Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Dabba Dilemmas Continue…

I think I’ve ranted about my dabbas before. And again. But are my troubles to end? Of course not! That would just be totally uncharacteristic of my life (and my blog) wouldn’t it?

Only this time, my troubles don’t involve wannabe cat-burglars. My mother seems to have decided, Enough Is Enough. It is time to Stand Up For What We Believe To Be Good And Right In This World, like a man’s (read her son’s) right to take a dabba to work and be able to bring it back home at the end of the day.

And to ensure that this right is not snatched away from me, she has started giving me dabbas of the following colours:

Bright pink
Fluorescent green
Baby blue
Sunburst yellow

Now who in their right minds would want to filch something so pigmented, right? Exactly what my mother thought. Of course, what I would look like carrying something of this colouration is an altogether different and completely irrelevant matter.

Is woe me yet? I should think not! My mother noted with no little glee, that it was the Lock & Lock dabbas that most often disappeared. So to counter that, it was mutually decided by my mother and my mom to switch to Tupperware.

Mmmmmmmm, mmm. Tupperware. That sacred brand so trusted by Mothers around the world. Beautiful. I’ve had some bad experiences with Tupperware, mostly because of my ignorance of its properties. Like, for instance, carrying (and let’s just get this out of the way; yes, I did this through college) hot coffee in one of them Tupperware glasses (go ahead, guffaw. No, no, I insist. No need for politeness amongst us, now, is there?). Result? Jeans that needed washing often.

Anyhoo, that history notwithstanding, I consented to carrying the deathtraps in my bag (provided, of course, that the food be cooled before sealing). A wise move, perhaps.

Perhaps not. Two days ago, Baby Blue decided to spew out some aloo sabji that I was carrying back home. Great. My bag took on the aromatic semblance of a masala dosa. Woo the hoo! But of course, woe hasn’t become me yet!

Yesterday, Bright Pink decided to stage a revolution, too. This time I was taking home aloo-and-some-unidentifiable-inedible-object in a tomato-ey gravy. Woo the hoo two! Now my bag smells not just like masala dosa, but also like the sambhar they had at college. Yippee.

Hang on. Hang on just a gosh-darned minute. Did I see a trend there?

Food I take home

Great. Now I’ll have to find some way to convince people at work to finish my dabba for me every time I have anything that contains a shred of potato.



21 member protest rally:

Mudra said...

:D You just don't understand Tupperware. And coffee in Tupperware? *falls down laughing*

I think I should get a prize for being the first one to comment, every bloody time.

Mudra said...

And dude. The picture. What happened?

Curlyconman said...

This used to happen to me all the time back in school.
And once the bhaji sans Pav spilled all over my books and worksheets.
But my dabba was never so colourful.
Lucky You. :P

BTW,you look a LOT like Ashutosh Rana in your current display picture.
Hai na?

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu.
Hey, didn't I say that already? And yeah, yeah.. Move on in life.

And since you've thought of it, perhaps I shall work on some awards to give out to people. Hmmm...

And cool, innit? Someone told me on facebook it's very Count Dracula. How cool, no? =P

@ Curly.
Yay! So I'm not the only one! You don't suppose you ever carried coffee in Tupperware, too did you? I kinda feel like proving Muduu wrong.

And meh, so you weren't rainbow-ey enough. Fine. Whatever.

And Ashutosh Rana?? What about Count Dracula???

The Rat... said...

ah thank god for my colorless Lock n Lock Dabbas... no body has dared to touch them yet (except for its contents)

u don't like Aloo or wat??? tch too bad!!

Jhayu said...

@ The Oft-Crying Rodent.
Them colourless Lock & Locks keep disappearing!!!

And it's not so much that I don't like aloo, it's more like ghar ki murgi.. happening.

The Rat... said...


oi who is?? u or me???

shesturningblue said...

you certainly aren't using the right kind of tupperware dabba! but anyhooo please take home a washed dabba?
i'd hate to see your bag!

Jhayu said...

@ the rat.
Sorry, that kinda was a play on your blog name and your online name. =p

@ Fishy.
There are kinds of Tupperware? Really?

And I try to, it's just that when it's not finished I don't want to throw it!

The Rat... said...

Jhayu... u need no go "sorry" everytime..

take my rants in a lighter way.. blimey i dont get kindled that easily...

i am d Oft-crying Rodent.. i accept.. happy?? :-)

Jhayu said...

@ The Oft-Crying Rodent.
Yay!!! The naming spree continues!

And meh, you never know when people take you too seriously. =s

The Rat... said...

on blogsville, i don't

this is a virtual world, dear

Jhayu said...

@ The Oft- Crying Rodent.
Meaning in the real world, you would?

And damn, now this is too much to type! I think I'm going back to The Rat. =p

The Rat... said...

Meaning in the real world, The rodent wud have teared u into pieces by now... Lolzzz...

Ah! Triumph atlast...

Priyanka said...

i remember the jeans that often needed washing... and the coffee too

Jhayu said...

@ Pinkesh.
You would... We went together, na? Mostly that stuff happened around you only. Maybe it was your presence.

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Sorry. It's a knee-jerk reflex, can't help it.

And yeah, wait, wait. I'll find another.

The Rat... said...

torn torn torn... my bad.. now i ll read twice before posting such stupid mistakes.. :P

keep on with ur search... :-)

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Yeah, I tend to take my grammar a little too seriously... And don't worry. I won't need to look that hard.

Menaka said...

next time we meet for lunch... ur bringing that aloo sabzi...

Jhayu said...

@ The Warrier.
Yeah, sure! You find the place where we can eat outside food.

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