Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Append To Dabba Chor

Remember how I'd mentioned those three metal dabbas which had vanished? Well, recently, I was at the pantry, going through the designated dabba drawer, looking for my Lock & Locks, when I found a dabba, which, at the very least, looked a lot like - if it wasn't - one of mine. I held it up against the light to examine the angles, the contours and determine whether the owner of this dabba was, indeed, yours truly.

It was at this moment that a woman from the Finance department slunk over to where I was standing and said acidly, "That's my dabba." Now, being the excessive people-pleaser that I am, instead of standing my ground and defending what looked like it was mine, I just said, "Oh, really? Sorry," and handed it over (yes, yes, get it over with, call me all those names. Done? You sure? Check again. I thought so. Now are you done? Good) to her to inspect.

I dove back into the dabba drawer for my Lock & Lock while this woman continued to tell me how there was some kind of inscription on the side of her metal dabba in Gujarati. This comment struck me, as I had noticed nothing of the sort on the dabba during my, if I may say so myself, rather thorough examination of it. It was also, by coincidence or providence, at this very instant that my fingers perchanced upon another metal dabba of dimensions similar to the one being discussed. Closer observation revealed to me a script of some form inscribed on the side.

Of course, connections start firing up in my head. Quick as electricity, I whipped the new metal dabba out and brought to her notice the aforementioned script, which looked decidedly Gujarati. When presented with all the facts and hard evidences of the case, the dear lady was left with no option but to arrive at the most logical conclusion: "No, the first dabba is mine, I can feel it."

The rest of the conversation took place as follows:

Umm... What was that?

This dabba is not mine.

But it has the Gujarati on the side...

But no, this one is not mine. Yeah, mine is the lighter one.

But they weigh the same!

No, no. This one is not mine.

Now what can one really do in the face of such arguments, especially when one is, as previously mentioned, a serial people-pleaser? That's absolutely right, nothing. Quietly, I conceded and slunk off. There are some types that you just can't argue with. Especially those that make your salary statements.


At the end of a long and tiresome day that involved mindgames against the worthiest of opponents, the nimble warrior went back to the horde of treasures. And what should he see lying amongst them, but the very pearl he feared he had lost forever? Deftly, casting a wary eye in every direction, he pocketed what was rightfully his. And on silent toes, he padded niftily into the black night. The pearl was never seen again.

14 member protest rally:

Preeti said... grow sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, serial pleaser...

maybe you should have an inscription on your dabba too..."this belongs to the man with many names"

so...does this mean that you've found it...?

kurtnirvana said...

dabba with a gujrati inscription? good i don't bring one.

Still thinking said...

:) You make me smile all the time.

Seriously? Are you like that? Over excessive pleaser.

Che said...

Why dont you put the label that says "sweet looking boy" on your dabba. you can count on no one touching it them.

WV: bilimpsa

Mudra said...

Good God, Jhayu... Why don't you get a loud, garish, bright yellow-and-green dabba and put a sticker over it that says "Jhayu's Own" ? :D

Jhayu said...

@ Preeti.
Aah, but dear maiden, do you not see the fatal flaw in that suggestion? With people like the Lady Bastard and myself around, that could be anyone!!!

@ Chinti.
Your dabba would be the easiest to identify. It would be the one not washed in 3 months... =P

@ Still.
*nods* Unfortunately so. Some mean people prefer to use the term 'pushover'. =(

@ The Lady Bastard.
Dude, there will come a day when your dabba gets pilfered. And on that day, I will laugh.

@ Muduu.
Nooooooooooo! That would just get me wasted visits to my blog! =P

Mudra said...

@Jhayu: You mean you don't want that?

Still thinking said...

Hmmmm, be careful of the moochers Jhayu and take care. You aren't a pushover, you just push yourself over and over and over to perpetually make ppl happy. You're a saint ;)

P.S: I emphatise :)

Deepali said...

Haha and it is best not to mess with the people in finance...I mean imagine some one number from your salary just disappearing (first last middle whatever you like) and then you have to run around (the finance dept) trying to get YOUR money haha.

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu.
Gee, nothing gets by you... =P

@ Still.
You too???

@ Deepali.
Yeah, I know. That's the only fear I now have. But she left it there for me! What can I do now?

Preeti said...

Dearer than dear knight...
I'll rephrase that - "this belongs to the man with many nice names"

Tazeen said...

do you know what all this dabba chori is pointing at???

It wants you to become the dabba savior super hero, so bring on your cape my dear. The world needs a new hero, the dabba man

Over Rated said...

This story needs to be told to te world.

I already have a title "The Chronicles of the missing Dabba" ...

I'm thinking HBO miniseries or at least a hallmark TV movie.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

You bet! There are some you dont wanna argue with!

Btw.. I hope you, your folks and friends are safe!

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