Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Lazy Sunday Photoblog – Vol II

                Athos, Porthos & Aramis                                     Rest in peace, big guy

               Coffee and conversation                                                 Why me?

      Will Mom ever let me wear these again?                       Lightspeed Superhighway

                       Holi Whodunnit!                                           Disclaimer gone wrong

(Click on any of the pics to see the original resolution)

8 member protest rally:

Curlyconman said...

What's the last one again?

I'm squinting real hard but I can't quite get it.
"I am not responsebal of (is it away thinghs?)"?
I am not very sure.But I think it's a rickshaw,isn't it?

And dude,the question should be,
"Will I ever want to wear them battered and tattered pair of jeans again?

Jhayu said...

@ curly
Firstly, did you follow the advice at the bottom of the post? And yeah, it's a disclaimer in a rickshaw.

And NO! Of course I'd wear them jeans again. You have any idea how comfy those are?

indiegurl said...

you MUST wear those jeans.

what beautiful jeans.

Jhayu said...

@ The long Rant.
= ) I'm glad there are those that agree. *I hope you weren't being sarcastic* *I hope you weren't being sarcastic* *I hope you weren't being sarcastic*

The Rat... said...

RIP, big guy... :-(

LMAO at the Muskees and d disclaimer..

which is ur fav in this post?? mine is the Barista pic..

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
I can't choose between Coffee and Conversation and Lightspeed Superhighway...

Priyanka said...

If I were ur mom, I would never ever allow u to even keep those jeans

Jhayu said...

@ Pinkesh.
Then I shall have to be very glad my Mom hasn't said anything so far...

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