Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I am Santa.
I am Satan.
I am a genius.
I am a spectre.
I am all-powerful.
I am the world’s greatest guitar riff.
I am the best pot of black coffee you ever had.
I am a four-thirty am chat window.
I am a lion’s mane.
I am the line.
I am a word.
I am a dog.
I am a God.

13 member protest rally:

Curlyconman said...

Im the half-truth in the lie
Im the why not in the why
Im the last roll of the die
Im the old school in the tie
Im the spirit in the sky
Im the catcher in the rye
Im the twinkle in her eye
Im Jeff Goldblum in the fly
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Now,what's this about?

Jhayu said...

@ curly.
Damn, son. Not bad at all!

And this is just randomness, that's what this is.

Curlyconman said...

Jhayu Uncle,that's not mine. :P


The lyrics are amazing!!!


Check check.
Maybe you'll like it. :-)

Preeti said...

if its randomeness then i love randomness...



Preeti said...

dont tell me you've not heard gin soaked boy.....


Peru said...

@ Curly: I thought of Gin Soaked Boy too! Whattey song.

But really Jhayu, are you?

The Rat... said...

and i am Mother Theresa...

"Gin soaked boy" has been dubbed by dunno-how-many bloggers.. Sighzz

Jhayu said...

@ Curly.
Clearly, I haven't heard that before. But thankis! It IS pretty awesome.

@ Preeti.
Damn. Now my comment threads are going to become 25-30 comments long, minimum. =p
Good to have you back. Now go comment on the others also.
And this wasn't poetry, just something that came out of a statement made by someone at work.
And again, clearly, I haven't.

@ Peru.
Koi shak ya sawaal? =p

@ The Rat.
Ooh, someone sounds pissed. I swear I didn't know about it, I swear I didn't!

Preeti said...

ok ok im going...


shesturningblue said...

and, I am lying to myself:)

Jhayu said...

@ Preeti.
You never went. =(

@ Fishy.
= s Was it something I said?

Preeti said...

you know i cant leave, right...?


Anonymous said...

I so like your blog...

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