Sunday, 22 March 2009

After that whole flurry of posts at the beginning of this month, I don’t feel like blogging now. I don’t feel much like anything, actually, right now.

Oh, and I’ve realized, that I don’t think I want anyone other than the ones who came up with the name to call me Jhayu in person. Online and all, it’s fine, it’s typed, so I’m hearing myself say it. But I don’t think anyone can say it like it was meant to be said, and how my buddies from the colony and school do.
Bummer, yeah.

In other news, I’ve realized that the reason I avoid coming home in time for dinner is because I simply cannot stand the sounds of my family at a meal. As for how I’m going to live the rest of my life, I don’t know.

Don’t really feel like I have much more to say; I’m having second thoughts about where this blog is headed and who’s writing it. There may be some downscaling of stuff that’s happened here recently.


8 member protest rally:

Preeti said...

I just realized something...hmmmnn

All right Jayant, what happened...? You not having much more to say is a little worrying.

Mudra said...

Okay, Jayant. You can't stand the sounds of your family at a meal?! It's a passing phase - I hope. :D And yeah, too much blogging can do that to you. Take break. Write (with a pen, on paper). Always works for me.

The Rat... said...

somehow i dont have a good feeling abt this??? wats cooking at ur end, Jhayant???

anything i did or said??

Peru said...

Listen. When you don't want to blog, you just don't blog. But see, this is what chronic bloggers do - post about not wanting to blog! It's a vicious circle. You're in it *smirks*

Who started the whole Jhayu thing, haan?

shesturningblue said...

Welcome to the Bloggers Block.
Hope you return soon!

Jhayu said...

@ All.
This was just me kinda being stupid. Jhayu will do just fine.

@ Preeti.
But as always, is temporary...

@ Muduu.
= ( Not really. Loud eating is one of my major pet peeves... And yes. I've dug out my old diary and ink pen. =)

@ The Rat.
No, no... When I'm happy it's mostly cos of stuff other people did... When I'm sad, it's mostly because of myself. Nothing you had to do anything with. And by the way, it's Jayant. =p

@ Peru.
That's because I'm a compulsive blogger. Can't do anything much about it now. It's set in.
And Jhayu was invented by my colony friends.

@ Fishy.
Thanks! Here I am!

Over Rated said...

Lol. She called you Jhayant.

*points and laughs*


I'm not helping, am I?

Jhayu said...

@ Over.
= p

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