Sunday, 1 March 2009

Random Observations For The Weekend

Mumbai-Pune Volvo buses, quite simply, rock. I mean, for 200 bucks (on average), you get to sit in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus that takes you to your destination, with such brilliant en-route entertainment as Khalnayak and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.


The state of ‘entertainment reality television’ in India disgusts me. Was forced to watch part of Indian Idol tonight. The contestants were dancing. They weren’t even bothering to pretend to sing! The whole time, I couldn’t help comparing it to this:

Adam Lambert sings 'Satisfaction' on American Idol 8

Show me one person on any of the many, many Indian singing shows that can match that vocal range and control, particularly that endnote. And man, where has that kind of voice been? Going to have to dig into K’s AOR collection at work on Monday.


Mom’s chaat for dinner is all fine, it’s just not very good for my ears.


Turns out Maniak was absolutely right. I look Mexican. Close scrutiny of my face in a mirror in an elevator in Pune has made this clear to me. And Maniak, I’ll save you the trouble: “Of course! I’m always right!” Happy?


My best friends = my mom. They spent the time between 9.30 pm and 2.00 am (and later, I’m sure) fraternizing copiously and unabashedly with an aged abbot, eating, stargazing, chatting and more. They then spent the time between 8.30 am and 9.30 am saying to me, “Get up. Get up. Get UP! GET UP!!!!!!!Sound familiar? Then, there ensued an impromptu singing class, followed by toast. If you saw the link two rants up, and the one in the previous line, this was essentially a combo-pack of the two.


Some things are in a league of their own. Playing Taboo and royally pwn-ing the girls is good. Making dinner and eating it on a terrace is good. Large quantities of the monk is good. Impromptu air hockey played on the marble floor with sofa cushions, two empty water bottles and a yellow smiley stress-buster ball is good. But nothing beats that 20 minute one-on-one conversation on the terrace.

8 member protest rally:

The Rat... said...

i dunno abt mumbai - pune route, but bus journey truly rox... once i goto watch a movie that was to be released 2 days after my journey.. :P

my friends do that to me on weekends... :P my human alarm clocks...

Jhayu said...

@ The Rat.
Yeah, and you know us! We condemn piracy, don't we? =p

Menaka said...

adam lambert :O!!!

ur best friends and ur mother love u a lot = )

Jhayu said...

@ blipblip.
Didn't look like he could pack that punch, did he?

Curlyconman said...

You didn't have to post a wikipedia link to Taboo.
Your readers are not all that dumb. :O

Yes,royally pwn-ing the girls at it is always fun.

I kick ass at the not-impromptu waala Air Hockey. :D

Jhayu said...

@ curlyconman.
Speak for yourself, man. People don't know that shit.

It really is, isn't it?

And why should I just take your word for it? =p

Menaka said...

the only reason you were able to kick ass is coz u had a brain twin to play with... hehe also remember wat i said in the beginning? "we wont win, but it will be fun watching these guys..."

Jhayu said...

@ blipblip.
The only reason we were able to win is because we had a brain.

And that second statement might have some serious connotations.

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