Monday, 7 April 2008

I shook my head. Tried to focus. It was there. I could feel it. Swimming, swirling, just out of reach. Or perhaps I was still in it, so catching hold of it wasn't easy.

I shook my head. Closed my eyes. Scratched my head, rubbed my fingers across my forehead, all that. Suddenly, there was something. A word. Suddenly there's an explosion in my head. Images, sounds, faces, places, events. I see me sitting by a stream, someone next to me. I can hear the bees. I can feel the stream moving.

This is it. It's beautiful. And I've got it. I thought I'd lost it. But I found it.

Then came that yell again. And I lost it. Again. I close my eyes again. Focus, focus. Ignore the sound. Block it out. I can do this. It's right here. I can get it.

That yell, yet again. And it's gone. I can't find it.

Ma, I'm up, you can stop yelling!!!

2 member protest rally:

Me said...

heheheheheh!! Ive had that happen to me just this morning

Jhayu said...

Yeah, well that happens here every morning.

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