Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Latest Theorem

To Prove:
Existence or non-existence of appendages on my right hand.

Right Hand, no feeling therein.

Last night, post the paper, I could not feel my fingers. (1)
Tonight, post paper, again, I cannot feel my right hand. (2)

From (1) and (2), we can derive either

a) prolonged absence of fingers, or

b) absence of hand.

But Given existing right hand.

Ergo, existence of appendages on right hand can be disproved.

4 member protest rally:

Me said...


Jhayu said...

This is a conspiracy by Joe Sat and the spirit of Jimi Hendrix to prevent me from playing the guitar. I know it. Damn insecure fools.

Me said...

or it is the old buddhas at the university conspiring to break the youth and make them groan in pain and gleefully watch, their jealous appetite fulfilled.

Jhayu said...

No, it's Hendrix and Sat. Maybe Petrucci also, though I'm on good terms with him.

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