Thursday, 24 April 2008


Okay. Let's just try to understand how this works. When people go to sleep, it takes a while to fall asleep. Okay? Got me so far? Right. You agree, even better.

Now, once asleep, when people wake up, after they open their eyes, they're not completely awake yet. There's this little sludgy feeling in their brains called grogginess. It's there for everyone. And for some it lasts longer than for others. Now it's very important to not treat this as hearsay (I see you shaking that head), because this really happens. And one must note, it's difficult to immediately engage in complex mental activities until such time as the brain clears itself. Hence, I most strongly urge you to GET OFF MY FRIGGIN' BACK!!!

Pinky, please note, seeing how I know you will ask, this is not directed at you.

2 member protest rally:

Priyanka said...

hehe, i can be groggy sometimes too.

Jhayu said...

I'll believe that when I see it.

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