Saturday, 19 April 2008

Currently My Worst Nightmare

Store One:
Boss, give me a packet of Tang.
Sorry, we're all out of Tang.
Oh. Okay. Thank you.

Store Two:
Boss, can I get a packet of Tang?
My stock's finished, sir.
Oh. Crap. Thank you anyway.

Store Three:
Dude, do you have Tang?
Who's asking?
I am, duh.
Wrong answer.
Do you have Tang?
Not anymore, I don't.

Walk back home, past Store Two:
Did you find Tang?
Nope, no one's got it.
I told you. They haven't brought around stock for a while.

Walking past Store One:

Yeah, you.
Get over here.
You want Tang? I got some Tang.
Then why'd you say no before? I want some!
Yeah, it's going to cost you.
Obviously, I wasn't expecting to get it free...
Yeah, that'll be 5 lakhs for a half kg packet.
*Wake up screaming*

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