Wednesday, 1 November 2006


I stand on a cliff,

I’m ready to plunge,

Though the canyon below

Seems to fade into the dark

I’m unafraid,

Yet terrified

I don’t know if I will reach

The bottom,

Or if I vanish into the nothingness

It almost calls to me

Asking if I will be tempted

So what if the pointed tail

Bothers you,

Ignore it,

There’s so much more to see

I’m on that cliff again

This time I don’t know what happens next

I stand there and wait for a sign,

But the jury seems to be out on my parade

I wonder

Will they ever come back in?

Can the magic hold back?

Will it ever be like this again?

Will the sky still be blue,

The sun yellow?

Can I go back to when

I could look straight at it

And not be burned?

Can I deal with the fact

That sweet might never be sweet?

That breathing might not seem like a privilege

But a sentence,

LIFE… hard labour… the third degree…

So many questions…

So many explanations still to come,

So many cliffs still to climb

So many ledges still to jump off

With nothing more than a blind hope

That my feet will land on clouds.

I’m on a new cliff today,

I’ve seen my share,

Jumped a few too…

Today I’m afraid,

Terrified, petrified,

I look down, and fear escapes me

The cliff that I stand on

Is disappearing


Crumbling under the weight

I have put on it

Yet I stand there, unafraid.

If not here, then nowhere.

This is my cliff.

Take it away, and you take away my life.

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