Monday, 1 June 2009

The Lazy Sunday Photoblog – Vol III

A few hours and a couple of weeks late, it’s here nonetheless.

Hotel Check-inMeeting A Deadline
Ad Agency Toilet HumourFight The System
DSC03672Productivity = |People| x |Computers|
How To Improve My Mood Watch Your Package, Please
When Disapprovals Attack! DSC03687
Daily Routine A Portrait Of Jhayu

(Click any of the pics to see full size images.)

7 member protest rally:

fishbowl said...

Lovely pictures. It's like a journey through your week. And, it sounds like a tough but good one.

Trinaa said...

aaahhhh! d first pic reminded me of my room.. :D :P ;)

Anonymous said...

I love 'Don't touch me' :)

sanely insane said...

nice stuff...especially the post it

Natasha said...

no pics of me and TWO pics of my shoes.

Peru said...

The shoes in a circle pic reminds me of one I (my feet) was (were) a part of at a beach in Alibaug.

Nice nice photologs..

Deepali said...

Nice nice..some of the pics bring back very nice memories

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