Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fun Week

Headache, check.

Nose blocked so bad you could barely breathe, keeping you up ALL of last night, check.

Said blocked nose deciding to run like a leaky tap this morning, check.

One snot-soaked handkerchief, check.

Cumulative lack of sleep over the past four days, check.

To-do list descending into the seventh circle of Hell, check.

Boy, it's going to be creamy buckets of awesomeness this week, isn't it?

3 member protest rally:

Ashar said...

Ditto! Like word to word..

Shreya said...

awh :/

awesome week you got ahead of you....awesome !

jhayu said...

@ Ashar, Shreya.
Oh, it got worse. It got much worse.

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