Saturday, 7 August 2010

Why I Don't Go To McDonald's Anymore

1. A burger that used to cost me 55 bucks (all inclusive) now comes for close to 80 (+ taxes).
2. I like to eat a full meal. Ronald's food leaves me hungry half an hour later. This fact is simply horrific in light of point 1.
3. It has people that wave their heads and mouth the words to 'My Dil Goes Hmmm'.
But far more importantly,
4. It plays songs like 'My Dil Goes Hmmm'.

3 member protest rally:

Shreya said...

True. Very true. AND, it allows people to click pictures with Ronald. and molest him.

Mystique said...


jhayu said...

@ Shreya.
I'm going to pretend like I never did that when I was younger and more immature.

@ Shorty.
= P I know.

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