Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm in the seventh circle if you need me

"We want you to be independent.

Just tell us where you're going, how you'll travel, who you're meeting and what you're going to be doing.

We'll call an hour later and ask where you are, what you're doing then, what you did, what you ate, if you had any alcohol, when you're coming, how you'll come and how long it'll take for you to travel.

Okay? Good boy."

6 member protest rally:

Anonymous said...

Oh well, they are called parents for a reason, innit? Sigh.

Animesh Kulkarni said...

Yeah Okay!
{As if i have an option}

Keetarp Aidonak said...

"What! You had alcohol? Again???

I think it is time you stop. You're getting addicted to it. I will not allow you to go out from next time. You might have become 23 years old, but you're still too young to indulge in such vices. You do all this once you become independent. Then we won't stop you. Until then, no more of this nonsense."

Mystique said...

"I'm going to the dentist, bye"

2 hours later

"Where are you?"
*disgruntled, shackled* "I'm at the airport."
*freaking out* "What? where why how wtf?"

"You have no sense of humor."

Anonymous said...

Parents? Wives? Girlfriends? Sometimes people who 'care' about us can be very frustratingly so.
Good one.

Preeti said...



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