Wednesday, 6 July 2011


So I've been away a while, yes. Lots has happened in the time I've been missing:
1. My team of eight at work dwindled to a team of three.
2. I stuck around, plus I've been slogging my ass off, so I got a promotion (not what I was hoping for, but I still took it)
3. As a consequence, work has become more hectic.
4. Turbulence in relationships (euphemism of the century)

I may be missing a couple of points, but that's irrelevant. In good news, I've just bought a new phone: the spanking Nexus S. Being an Android, there's a truckload of apps on it, and being a child of Google, one for Blogger, too. Hopefully this means more writing on the move.

I sure as hell hope so, anyway.

3 member protest rally:

S said...

Is that the way you write intentionally, or is it Blogspot? Cause your post has these HTML tags and all those things scattered around!

jhayu said...

@ Wastey:
Nah, that's the app I was using. Let's try one more time and see if it happens again.

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