Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fun at the Airport

Bored? Need fun things to do? Waiting for your boarding call or for your mom/dad/spouse/friend/child to get out of the bathroom after landing? Do we have the solution for you!
  • Hop onto that baggage conveyor belt. We assure you, it's a ride you'll never forget!!
  • Race your fully laden trolley against other passengers (preferably ones you've never seen before)!*
  • Load your trolley with a minimum of five bags (if you haven't that many yourself, ask to borrow someone's) and push it around with one, and only one finger. The feeling of power is overwhelming!
  • Do a little break dance for the security cameras. Those poor buggers sit and stare at the screen all day, help them out a bit!
  • Keep a toy gun in your carry bag. Then when they ask you what it is and open your case, pick it up and scream, "This is a sonic death ray!!! Get back!!!" It really gets a few laughs!
  • Walk up the down escalator! Hey, security personnel might just join you!
  • Wave out to random people and pretend you know them! It's a fun way to make new friends!

* Watch out for boys between the age of 9 and 14. Injuries are not insured.

5 member protest rally:

Priyanka said...

and i can so imagine only you doing all these things.

Jhayu said...

Yeah, some of them, I did. The ones that don't guarantee personal safety, though, I tend to stay away from...

bhagya said...

hey! who ever you are, you write well!!!!! i'm kinda a fan of yours!!!!!!

Jhayu said...


bhagya said...

anyways thanks for the tips! now i know what to do when i am alone in the airport!!!!!!

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