Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Grogginess (the Second)

It's amazing how for the first few moments of waking, the universe seems not to exist. Every single one of us, when we awaken, know nothing of the past, think nothing of the future. We exist in that moment, in the glorious act of arising out of our stupor. Visions from our dreams have not left us yet, we feel as though we can taste them, like a flavour in the back of our minds or a name on the tip of our tongues. In that beautiful moment, our minds sift through the muck of the present, unburdened, free.

And slowly then, we rise from the quagmire, and the past and the future slam into us like cinder blocks thrown from a height slamming into the pavement.

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yash suchak said...

So yes! :/)

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