Sunday, 11 January 2009

I am NOT a copywriter

Though my designation would have you believe so, don't listen or be fooled. I pretend to be one. And I've gotten so good at convincing people that I am one, I sometimes fool myself. But every now and then, a really great line comes my way and reminds me of what I'm degrading by posing as a copywriter.

Then what compels me to make so great a confession? I've just seen a whole bunch of these wonderful lines all in the same place. I've collected them here for you to feel the presence of greatness yourselves. You will know, undoubtedly, at a mere glance, where to find yourself such brilliance in the copywriting profession.

Give her pleasure with every stroke - we assure you, it's no joke
Don't let the unsatisfying size of your friend steal your manhood.
Click everybody

Your manliness has never been bigger.
Every woman is dieing to sleep with a well-endowed man.

Get better in making it with her
You can be the best bed partner ever with our natural male assistant.

Get smashing love power
The best and easiest way to improve your lovemaking
is the improvement of your love instrument.

A man with a big member has a shining look on his face.
Every extra inch down there brings more pleasure to her and more confidence to you.
Come At This Moment

Boost your men power.
All medications to cure yourself!
Clicke HERE !

Gift perfect sexual life to your girlfriend.
Few steps to become healthy!

In case you thought they only talked about one thing, you're wrong. These guys are versatile.

Add a touch of class to your life style with extremely high quality replica watches

But it's these lines that follow that brought me almost to tears with their absolute brilliance.

Girls will drop underwear for you
Show your woman high peaks of pleasure and she will worship your unique abilities.

You'll call it Peter the Great
Give woman the first thing she expects from you - the unforgetable pleasure.

Give your rocket best fuel
Make your love locomotive enter her tunnel on a full speed.


15 member protest rally:

BrownPhantom said...

Whatever happened to good old Mardana Taakat from Dr.Sahni. Hindi translations of these would help him a lot.

Jhayu said...

@ BrownPhantom.
To start with, welcome! And to respond, clearly, you've been travelling by some form of mass public transport.

Mudra said...

What sites have you been visiting, lil Jhayu? :D

Preeti said...

Just when i thought - perfect - you go ahead and do this...

tee hee

PS: Seriously, Jayant...what on earth were you thinking, dearest?

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu.

@ Preeti.
What to do? I got completely taken in by the brilliance of their work! I can really see how people would click on ads like that...

Anyhow, I got something coming. Something really good. Watch out. It'll hit you like a Mack Truck.

Preeti said...

Uh-Oh :-/

oh well...knowing'll be worth the hit :-)

Pratz said...

u read every spam mail u get...??

Jhayu said...

@ Preeti.
You betcha.

@ Pratz.
Dude... do I seem that jobless? I just read the ones where the subject lines were interesting. =P

kurtnirvana said...

Man you did not mention any lines by me huh? this is bad.

WV: phaniess

i dun normally mention the WV part but i thought it suits the post =P

Jhayu said...

@ Chinti.
Sorry, dude. You don't make me want to buy 'rocket fuel'.

And unless you explain it, no one's getting the WV joke.

fishbowl said...

Really, what have you been reading?
That's some saucy writing.
And, I dislike copywriter tags, for other reasons

kurtnirvana said...

I thought only intelligent readers frequent your blog. I don't really need to explain that do I really?

Still thinking said...


You're sure receiving a lotta spam these days :D

Preeti said...



Running in circles. said...

Spam of such kind and matrimony and indian dating *cough* sites have the most hilarious ad's.
Its difficult when you have a salami and someone else a salmon.

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