Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I Don't Know What To Call This

They walked side by side, slowly. Savouring each step. Bodies accidentally brushing against each other every few steps.

The hour was late, the night quiet. Except those slight murmurings only lovers can hear. They didn't have to say a word. The night said it all for them.

9 member protest rally:

Preeti said...

reminds me of something...beautiful

fishbowl said...

Familiar. Like falling in love.

Jhayu said...

@ The Maiden.
Glad you like it.

@ fishy.
= )

@ anyone and no one in particular.
To be honest, I'm not too happy with this one. Felt it didn't say enough. Meh. We'll keep trying, eh?

Preeti said...

you know...anything better than this will be .... what do i say, Jayant??

but if you're plannin' on mowing down people with the Mack Truck then go ahead... Serial Pleaser...

Sparkling said...

Man!They're so lucky! :)

Avantika A. said...

It's called putting a smile on your reader's face...:)
Excuse me while i go bug the Fellow to go on a walk now! :D

Jhayu said...

@ The Maiden.
The trouble with being a Serial Pleaser... It's hard to please myself. Good lord, the sexual connotations of that statement are ghastly.

@ Types of Bottled Water.
= )

@ Avantika.
Wow. That is some compliment. Merci.

Keetarp Aidonak said...

Lose the title. The post doesn't need one.

Jhayu said...

@ Patrick.
It fits with something in my head. There's a reason I put it there.

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