Thursday, 26 November 2009

Now Playing: My Life

This may sound a little repetitive to the two of you who used to read my blog a year or so ago. But then again, seeing how my posts aren’t that memorable, I think it’s safe to proceed.

Doesn’t it just knock the wind out of you when the radio (or your shuffle playlist) pulls up a song, out of the blue, that perfectly describes the state of your mind?

I’m still trying to catch my breath.

4 member protest rally:

Mia said...

LOL ! You def have to be the funniest person on thw I swear :)) I dont know what your life pursuits are , however : I believe you should def try your hand at writing - movie scripts ? comedy ? I'm certain you will succeed :) BTW: I never thought I would encounter another perverbial 8yr old ! LOL- I also have refused to grow beyond this ! And in response to your post : Yes, this happens to me quite often - not only does a song come on the radio depicting my current state of mind , but commercials on the tele , or someone will say something which coincides with what Im thinking ..but then again : stranger things have been known to happen in this universe of ours ! :) I wish u much future success within all of your life & career endeavors & I hope that you never grow up ! :)) Its much more fun being a kid isnt it ?

P.S : Hope your fathers condition has improved & is doing well now :)

Best wishes across the miles ,

Mia 

Jhayu said...

@ Mia.
Wow. No, really. Are you sure this is the blog you meant to comment on? 'Cos I've never thought of myself as, nor do I harbour any delusions of being, that funny.

That being said, your recommendations are most graciously noted!

And thanks for the wishes, yes, Dad's better now.

And finally, I must ask. How'd you stumble upon the blog?

Preeti said...

It does. And it has happened many a times. its a scary beautiful feeling. almost as though the music player has read my mind and then gone and tweaked itself. :p

hmmnn. I wish you would write. i mean all these thoughtlets are cool. but i miss the long rants.

PS. every single post of yours is memorable. hence i shall not allow you to make such statements.

ki said...

My bus plays cheap haryanvi songs, haven't found myself in a sleazy mood yet. :|

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