Thursday, 5 November 2009

Why I Need A Stressbuster. And Fast.

A good few years back, when I was your quintessential lad o' pairts (see, I'm always striving to improve your linguistic skills and general knowledge), I spent about five hours a day generally running around and playing cricket and climbing trees and being a general menace to society and whatnot. And in that, my youthful exuberance and exploratory aggression had a healthy outlet.

Since the end of college and the time I sold my soul to the Devil (it's so easy doing business with oneself, it's not funny) (read: got a job), I haven't had the time for any of that. And I miss it. The 'menace to society' bit most of all. = )

Anyhoo. The point of all this rambling: It's been almost two years now since I've had a decent outlet for my frustration. The closest thing I had to it was our office LAN parties, and those were more a mental release than anything else (seriously, how much physical frustration can you wear down by yelling at people to stop giving you headshots and then screaming jubilantly as you snipe them the next round and immediately getting fragged by one of their teammates and then setting off to crush them both the next round and buying the most expensive guns only to have yourself killed in like 15 seconds and it's a colossal waste of money, so you start going at them with the deagle just to act all 'oh, look at me, I'm playing with a mofo'ing bad-ass pistol'... oh, sorry).

You get my point, yesno? No? Umm.. too bad.
Giving a whole new meaning to 'take a break'
Again. Anyhoo.
Moral of the story. I need to start playing a sport or start being physically violent in some way and work off my frustration. Why, you ask? Well:

As usual, clicking on the image
will make it all big and awesome.

Awesomeness, no?

Yeah, for those who didn't already guess, and especially for those who did, that screen is supposed to show me the time, battery charge, signal, etc., etc.

Yeah. Awesomeness, no?

4 member protest rally:

Mudra said...

You get violent with your poor cellphone and you expect sympathy?


Preeti said...

You have options ... you just don't want to opt.

Which is sad.

But. You are you. And this too shall pass. Soon.

Till then I could help by supplying you with some more instruments/equipments that you could manhandle...i fully subscribe to such actions as effective methods of stress busters. i also recommend destruction of public property but that comes with the risk of uhmm... imprisonment?

OKKKK. Ignore me. Please.

fishbowl said...

Yes, you need to. Try martial arts.

Avantika A. said...

Uhmmm i think you need to discover the joys of shadow boxing and/or hitting the wall/slamming doors/breaking ugly mugs you dont know what to do with.

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