Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Does ink die? it dries on a page, spread out into incoherently scrawled symbols?

Or do those symbols grant it a new life eternal?

Just a thought.

9 member protest rally:

Avantika A. said...

I'd like to think it lives on till time catches up and it fades into a natural end...
...yellow pages and fading ink...something romantic about it methinks.

Sparkling said...


Scattered Thoughts... said...

Gulp... OHT

Mudra said...

Dies. :)

Che said...

No. It just D(r)ie(s) :P

WV: Chora

Vaudevillian said...

My own words, as I write them here, will rot in Google's servers as generations pass by.

I want to take this opportunity to do an early shout-out to them Robotic Overlords.

That is all.

Tazeen said...

serious gyan guru ji

Spaz Kumari said...

a word is dead
when it is said
some say.

i say
it just
begins to live
that day.

-emily dickinson

jhayu said...

@ The FaujiWife.
Isn't that slightly worse? That it lives, only to be forgotten eventually?

@ Different Kinds Of Bottled Water.
Was that a good reaction? Bad? Freaky? =s

@Scattered Thoughts.
OHT went OTH (over the head)...

@ Muduu.
You seem almost happy about it.

@ The Long Haired Loser.
You really need to stop with the bad puns, man.

@ The Missing DJ.
Yeah, I think all my posts are written to them only.

@ The Not-So-Reluctant One.
I am honoured you think so!

@ Spaz.
Winner of the Comment of the Post Award! Wowie.

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