Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Help this poor lady out, please!

Today, out of the blue, this wonderful lady by the name of Corine emailed me at my work address. I'm not sure I can help her out. Can you guys?
I hope all is well with you,including your health, job etc ?. My name again is Corine. I am 25 years old single lady,never been married before. I am from Sierra Leone in west Africa. Iam Easy going,down to earth,loving,caring,with a good sense of humor.some of my hobbies includes,long walking,reading,listening to music,gadening and swimming. I am not a trouble person,but peace loving kind of.
Presently,I am residing in the missionary here in Senegal,where I ran to for safety,because of the political civil war in Sudan. I am suffering in pains here in this missionary here and I really need you to help me out.I need your help also to get my Inheritance from the bank if you can. I will explain more about it to you when we get to that. In brief,My late father left me an inheritance in a bank.He deposited some amount of money in the bank and he used my name as the next kin as his only child. I need help from a nice person with a good heart like you to help me get the money out from the bank so i can come out of this situation that i am into right now and start a new and better life.
My late father Dr. F.D Conteh,was A wealthy business man in gold and dimaond in the western Darfur Sudan  and in Sierra Leone until his death at the general hospital in free town where he was rushed to after he was shot. During the war,the rebel being loyal to one of the greedy business partner of my late father,attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother in cold blood,Injuired my father seriously and he later died some weeks after in Free town,Sierra leone.Is only  me that is alife and so for fear I managed  to run away to this country,Senegal where i now live in the missionary quaters as a refugee. I was able to escape through the help of the UN army though they did not know i was in the car until they crossed the border.Rev Arunna Frances,is the one incharge of this place and it is from  his office computer that i use to send you this E-mail most times.I only use it when he is less busy and just for some minutes.
Please,i will also like to know more about you.Your kind of person,your likes and dislikes and the things you feel i should know about you. I will send you  my photos when i hear from you again.
Do have a nice day until i hear from you and please write soon.
Yours Corine.
If anyone wants to tell Corine about 'their kind of person', please email her at kabbia204@yahoo.com.

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Mudra said...

A damsel in distress, and with money. Clearly whoever wrote this is a force to reckon with.

jhayu said...

= ) Yes. And she knows my work email address. I sense a rich, single female stalker. iLike.

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a scam to me

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Do you really have all that time to read that? Or you simply posted it without reading :P

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for a while now...many indians got scammed in this...this email is quite common...


"My late father Dr. David Ellison Kabashi, who was CEO of (ELLISON TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY PLC), in Port
in Sudan. During the war, the rebel loyal to one of the greedy business
associate of my late father attacked our house one early morning and
killed my mother and father in a cold blood. It is only me that is
alive now and i managed to make my way to this country Senegal by the
help of UN army where i am living now in the missionary, headed by a
Reverend Father, i used his office computer to send you this email and
i only enter his office when he is less busy in his office "
almost as same as the mail he received..


"My late father Dr Fedrick Medu,was the personal
advicer to the former head of state before the rebels
attacked my house one early morning killing my mother
and my father.
It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to near by country Senegal
where i are living now. "
Notice the similarity

Preeti said...

uh oh ...

hmmnn. i remember my dad got a similar mail. but from a (supposedly) man. thankfully my brother was there to prevent a catastrophe from happening.


PS: I wonder what happened to Gap. But i shall wait.

yash said...

Amen to I wonder what happened to Gap.

Anonymous said...

dont believe in this it is not true

Toowar Toe said...

i got the same mail but with the name norah kamala along with a picture also

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