Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We both knew we wanted a dog. She wanted to call him something silly like Booboo or Appu. I wanted to sound cool and name him a punctuation mark.

We went with Apostrophe.

7 member protest rally:

Avantika A. said...

Lol. I might just steal this name when i get a dog! Or at least the idea!! :D

jhayu said...

Eh, chor! =P

fishbowl said...

Nice, I like it!:)

destinednomad said...


Scattered Thoughts... said...

Umm.. isnt it a bit long? I am trying to imagine you calling it!!

jhayu said...

@ Fishy.
= ) Thank you!

@ The Wanderer.
Umm.. ! Ha, so there! I trump you.

@ Scattered Thoughts.
Yes, but see, the full name would be used to admonish. At other times, I would use the short form... *raises eyebrow expectantly*

Anonymous said...

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