Wednesday, 26 January 2011

There, I fixed it.

Somehow, he managed to park the car straight. He got out, swaying like an axe-worn tree that couldn't quite decide if it was ready to topple yet. Held an arm out and steadied himself against the wall.


must get rid of. little pink bits. light is busted. fuck it.

He giggled a little. Cried a lot.

Thankfully, he made it to the commode before ritually throwing up, following which, he collapsed into bed with one shoe still on.

Breakfast was silent as usual. He cleared his throat and hid behind a glass of orange juice.

"So, um, Ma. I may have been a little drunk last night."

5 member protest rally:

Mudra said...

I'm beginning to like your blog much much more than before, if that's even possible.

jhayu said...

Muduu, you just made my day. =D

Rain Girl said...

let's just say, am glad I discovered your blog...

..just don't turn out to be one of those who write one good piece and then disappear, please? My bookmarks are very precious.

jhayu said...

@ Rain Girl.
Wow. Thank you. =)
How'd you find the blog, by the way? And yes, I'm hoping to be here a while.

Rain Girl said...

You are most welcome :) and erm, we were discussing a certain tie.. the redness of it - to be more specific... on twitter :)

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