Monday, 3 January 2011


Welcome back, folks. I’m here again, except I don’t quite think the guy who came back is the same one who left a week or so ago.

I’ve had a rare chance over the past few days to simply unplug. To walk away from my life, almost in its entirety, and look at it from a distance. It’s a beautiful gift, I tell you, an opportunity like this. Do it every once in a while. Forget the little things that make up your day, forget the mundane worries that fill every spare moment between dusk and dawn. Look at your life, not as a set of tasks that need completing, but as the beautiful, huge image on the jigsaw puzzle it forms.

I almost lost myself this past week. To myself. To anonymity. To solitude. To sadness. Away from almost everything and everywhere that I have to deal with on a daily basis, I was dangerously free. Untethered. Unanchored.

And a four-year-old brought me back. She and her six-year-old sister made me see what I wanted. Everything is so simple now. So clear.


All of you, do this. Just for a while, unplug from your life. Walk away from it. That way, when you turn around, you’ll see the reason to walk back to it shining brightly at you, clearer than ever before.

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AS said...

Welcome back :). The kids are always an inspiration. You get to learn a lot, its only that you need to keep your eyes open.

jhayu said...

@ AS.
= ) That they are, my friend. That they are.

Mystique said...

I try to unplug from Bombay every time I go home.

It's tough, and I admire you for being able to completely do that.

jhayu said...

@ Shortstuff.
It's pretty easy. Call no one. Heck, switch off your phone if you can. Seclude yourself. Until you feel so alone you could cry. Past that barrier, everything is simple.

Avantika A. said...

You were missed. Really. Welcome back. And the kind of unplugging you're talking of requires some crazy willpower. Sounds uptopian really.

jhayu said...

@ Avantika.
Not really. I don't call people much. So that bit wasn't difficult. Also, when I don't feel like talking to anyone, I simply don't. Nothing utopian about it. Or maybe I'm a closet asocial being or something.
And you're right, it does take a crazy amount of willpower. And I didn't have it. I tried talking to someone. It just so happened that the person I wanted to talk to wasn't around at the time. Now, looking back, I realise that was a good thing.

Mystique said...


Reading this almost made me cry.

Ramma said...

i wish i could just unplug for sometime ....that must have been one beautiful experience!

Ramma said...

Also, I forgot to mention there is this serenity to the way you write, its inspiring and also saddening for I wish I could write down my experiences as beautifully as they were felt!

jhayu said...

@ Shortstuff.
Clearly, we need to talk.

@ Ramma.
Just put them down. Don't try to describe them. Let them be on paper (or screen) the exact same as they were in your head. That's all it takes.

thegrownupeccentric said...

Reading this, I might just do that very soon. Very encouraging this is.

jhayu said...

@ therownupeccentric.
You should. Though, I warn you, what awaits when you come back isn't always pleasant. That's something you have to prepare yourself for. Not everyone can accept a disappearance.

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