Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How Messiahs Are Born

The Dreamcatchers come around everyday.

They're there, at my door, every morning, in their pink and blue suits and large, yellow-rimmed sunglasses. I never understood the sunglasses; it's only about 7:30 in the morning. I think they have microcamera screens on the lenses to help them see the fragments of dreams hanging in the air around us. Did you know pink and blue are relaxing colours in the morning? The State told us. They saw it in our dreams.

Ever since Executive Decision 47065B, our dreams are property of The State. They're collected so that The State knows what the people hope and dream for and can give it to us. That's what all the campaign commercials said. So yeah, they give the people what they really, truly want. And they'd know, right? They have the only copies of our dreams.

They come in your door, bright and early; right after you wake up. I guess they have advanced sensors that tell them when we've gotten out of bed. The Dreamcatcher Wands don't hurt. They wave them through the air around our heads, and the blinking blue lights help us relax while they suck the few remaining shards of dreams out of our peripheral memory. The State tells us that The Wands are like vaccuum cleaners for our brains. Just as safe, too.

Don't tell anyone this, but I don't trust The State. That's why I have this plan, see? I've figured a way to get around The Dreamcatchers. And they'll never find out.

You see, I have a dream diary.


7 member protest rally:

Mystique said...

I love this. The shh might kill it, though.

It's very 1984-esque.

jhayu said...

Having not read 1984, I can't comment. But that you're even remotely comparing me to Orwell is insane.
Also, I think what I wanted to come across, didn't. Hmm. Must try better next time.

Mystique said...

Not comparing you to Orwell, idiot. Orwell was depressing. As was 1984

Comparing the ideas. There's an inkling of similarity.The more I read it, the more it diminished.

Erinyes Nyx Narcissus said...

all this stuff is pretty readable

Erinyes Nyx Narcissus said...

maybe because it is short and light

jhayu said...

@ ENN.
First, yello! And thank you. But do you also mean that if stuff were longer it wouldn't be all that readable in the current style?

Erinyes Nyx Narcissus said...

I don't know

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