Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Pyromaniac's Paradox

In the heart of the flame,
I watch myself burn,
and it makes me smile.
But I know, very soon,
the emptiness inside
will return.

The demon blog-eater was going to snatch this one up. I decided against it. And clearly, I'm back to my bad-poetry self. Whoopee! Does this mark the return of jhayu the blogger? We shall soon see.

4 member protest rally:

AS said...

How true, you seem to know it all :)

Mystique said...

Hold the flame.
Control the flame.
Spin it and watch yourself spin with it.

jhayu said...

@ AS.
That is the illusion, yes.

@ Shortstuff.
Haven't the heart. I'd much rather burn.

Mystique said...


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