Friday, 2 May 2008

Long-lost Love

They met in secret. Without anyone knowing. Outside, it was pitch black. The kind that you didn't get to see very often in the city. But the fates seemed to have conspired to make this moment more beautiful for them. Not a light to be seen anywhere. They sat alone in the room. The only room, the only light in the world.

A meeting of lovers. They had a history. A beautiful history. They were inseparable. Still, he hadn't seen her in a month. He breathed her name, terrified she would disappear. Or that he wouldn't know the words. Wouldn't be able to touch her as he had. Remember anything of what they were.

Tentatively he reached out. Held her in his arms. A familiar embrace. One he'd held so often and so long. He could still remember the days when he'd spent the hours sitting with her. Playing. Running his fingers lovingly over her. Tonight was the same as each of those days. They were the same moment, just delayed experiences.

He closed his eyes and played. And let the music guide him on.

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Me said...

Maria and u create magic... im glad ur playing again

Jhayu said...

This is what I wanted to write that day when I was on the phone with you...

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