Friday, 23 May 2008

Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship

Where do they go, really? I mean, I get that they're the first ones off, but where do they go? Do they get into the lifeboats with the survivors? That would make a nice scene:

Rose and Jack both get off the Titanic and get into a lifeboat. They hold on to each other. Look deep into each others eyes, gossamer clouds forming as they breathe heavily after their ordeal. "Jack, this is no time to play footsieeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" And the women unanimously and simultaneously jump off the boat preferring to brave the freezing, choppy waters of the North Atlantic, overbalancing and therefore, capsizing the poor little vessel.

Damn, I can see that Oscar for best screenplay coming my way...

But seriously, do they swim around, or what? And if they're in the middle of the freezing ocean, do they keep swimming till they die a natural (not to mention painfully frostbitten) death? Or do they survive till they are picked off by predatory sea animals or birds? What does Maneka Gandhi have to say about this?

Really, can someone provide an answer?

2 member protest rally:

Mudra said...

I guess they swim around till they find land (like an island or something) or another ship to infest... The rest die. Na?

Jhayu said...

How do they get on board another ship?

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