Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Demon Hunting

Close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Calm yourself. You need it. Now, try to clear all other thoughts and try to picture the most fearsome, fierce demon you can imagine. Once you're sure that you can see it, try to describe it in words. Be as explicit as you can, delve in as deep as you dare. The greater the detail you go into, the more accurate this will be. Write down or type out your description. Ask common questions like what is its colour, height; is there one or several; what is it doing; does it have any weapons; so on and so forth. Once this is done, your demon should, rather accurately, show you the things you most fear.

Here we go.

It is huge. Tall, broad, in fact, positively muscled. Possibly twice the size of a normal man. It has horns (click here for as accurate an image as I can find). Initially, it is silhouetted, so I can only make out its rough shape, with only the outline clearly defined. It is bending forwards aggressively, fists clenched. I'm not sure about the skeletons around it, because I think I added them later. It roars, but not like a lion. It's almost a cross between a sound a human voice can make, only deeper, more coarse and much, much louder and the skree of an eagle. It has cloven feet (click here if you don't know what that means) below thick, muscled thighs.

Its body seems to be made of darkness, as no light seems to be able to fall upon it. Inside the outline, faintly, veins can be seen, made of what seems to be lava. These glow much brighter when it roars. The eye sockets seem to contain fire. They glow a bright orange yellow. When it roars, this darkens to almost border on red. The rest of the face remains in shadow, and is only lit up when it opens its mouth to roar. The inside of the mouth is fire. It does not contain fire, it does not just breathe fire, the inside of its mouth is inferno itself. The rest of the face isn't much to talk about - cold, hard human features, drawn back with rage.

It is standing between two heaps of cooling magma; I think it may have walked through what was originally one. The backdrop is dark, but behind the demon I can see a river of magma flowing down the side of a volcano, bright orange, yellow at its hotspots.

That's pretty much it... I'm guessing if you look hard enough, you'll find all of my fears there.

2 member protest rally:

Me said...

thats not ur fear thats ur fantasy

Jhayu said...

Yeah, but where does it come from? I can't create something that I mean to be scary without being scared of it myself...

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