Monday, 9 February 2009

Here’s to Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women

I’m all for this. In view of the acts of outraged homosexuals in Mangalore, it is time to stand up for what we believe in.

It is time to test the whole ‘Love shall set the world free’ theory. And here’s how.

Send a pair of cheap pink chaddies to the Sri Ram Sena. If you don’t own a pair, no biggie. Buy one. It could be one of those cheap ones that you get at roadside stalls near Andheri Station. Or the lacy type. The specifics, I leave to you.

To know how to go about it, visit The Pink Chaddi Campaign and make your voice heard.

Innovative add-on ideas are also absolutely welcome.

So if you own a pair of bright pink chuds, please, do send them in. If you don’t, be a dear and buy one.

If you’re like me - neither owning, nor brave enough to go buy a pair of pink drawers in broad daylight - spread the word. Help the good women of this country spread the love and turn the other cheek. Erm…. in a completely non-disgusting way.

30 member protest rally:

Paradox Philic said...

He he he you are crazy... and i love you for that! :)

Jhayu said...

= p
While I thank you, I insist, this was not my idea! They came up with it, I just support wholeheartedly. Can you arrange to have a contribution made? = P

Anonymous said...

Ok...go ahead one step since you want to show us how "advanced" you are. Open a brothel and let us f*** you for free. And I solemnly promise that I'd forever campaign against that Ram sene. Won't that show the whole world how forward we are in India?

Mudra said...

Okay seriously, what's Anon's problem? It's a free country and anyone can mail chaddis around it, if they so wish.

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu.
*sigh* Oh, never mind them. I don't really want to bother with spineless nitwits who are too afraid to own up to their opinions. Unfortunately, can't stop them either... Like you said, it is a free country...

labiamajora said...

@ Jhayu: I officially declare my blogosphere love for you, my pro feminism blog-friend.

Plenty Kisses.

Jhayu said...

@ LM.
Right back atcha!

shesturningblue said...

my goodness, the anon guy is a retard

Jhayu said...

@ fishbowl.
Oh, let them be... Really... Talk about how you're going to help the cause instead!

Over Rated said...

@Jhayu: I know you'd like us to be all mature and shit and ignore anon. But hey, immaturity is my middle name. So, as they say in Finland, please excuse.

@Anon: Dude (okay ... let's assume you're a human for the sake of this comment), you're such a chickenshit that you can't even type the word fuck using the word "anonymous" as your username. I'm sure you wear a diaper when you leave your home because of the possibility of you wetting yourself just in case a woman looks in your general direction. So until you fucking grow a pair, in the eternal words of Bart Simpson, "Eat my shorts".

That's all.

Jhayu said...

@ Over.
I was leaning more towards 'opinions of such chickenshits don't matter', but in the light of that comment, I'm happy to let you go on... = p

Preeti said...


you know how i feel about you, right...? so i wont say anything...

and im so proud of you...

a) because you support this cause and
b)for the fact that you did not delete the anonymous person's comment...such things should not be ignored...

Preeti said...


(oh well ... you didnt expect me to not say anything now...did ya???) :DDDDD

Anonymous said...

he is THAT JESUS SHORTS when he was scrwed on cross THEN I WILL TAKE IT HAHHAHAHHA

Indian said...

Media coverage of the Mangalore pub attack has left me puzzled.When it comes to our children/sisters/wifes,we want them to refrain from drinks,drugs,sex and pubs,but when it comes to others children/sis/wifes,we stop shy of correcting them.Would the Union Minister for Women’s Welfare,Who vociferuosly condemned the mangalore incident,appreciate her children indulging in such activities? The pub culture does not reflect the prgress of our nation.India will Shine only by retaining its Culture and Tradition,and not by imitating the West….

I am not favour of the idea.In the name of fashion & trying to be bold,girls/boys nowdays try to imitate hollywood stars.In fact the so-called modern look is an invitation to trouble.People should realise the defference between being fashionable and indecency.

There is no harm in being modern,but one should keep in mind the culture that the majority of the population follows.The pink Chaddi campaign is an attempt to paint the picture of indian women as ultra-modern,which is far from reality.Therefore,it is consider as a useless idea from a crap mind…

well hope like this anger/blogs go against those jehadis group and their supporters too...let see how much guts u ppl have fatuu

Anonymous said...

i have search and founded mostly Christian started these bloggers and follow by some poor brainwash ppls(yeah easily anyone can make them fool).... well its our internal matters these outsiders community ppl shouldn't be allowed to take benefit of it..remember divide and rule policy of them..thatz in their blood

Jhayu said...

@ Indian, Anonymous2.
You guys picked the wrong day.

@ Indian.
You say that India will shine only by retaining its Culture and Tradition,and not by imitating the West. Can you define what you mean by Indian Culture?

What you are referring to is the vestiges of the British influence on our country. Take a walk down a little further back in history and you'll see what our Indian culture is really about. Then we'll talk about who's imitating the West.

And give me one good reason why I should care about the majority opinion? I'm an individualist. Fucking sue me.

I'm all for decency. With one minor difference. My definition of decency is clearly different from yours.

I like how you attempt to sound scientific in your second but last paragraph. It's funny. Try spelling 'science', or for that matter, 'intelligent thought'.

As far as let see how much guts u ppl have fatuu goes, all I have to say is: this coming from a person too scared to even leave their online identity (let alone their real name) on their opinion. Ha.

@ Anonymous2.
Don't worry, I didn't forget you. I don't ignore people who comment on my blog.

Let's see now.
i have search and founded mostly Christian started these bloggers

its our internal matters these outsiders community ppl shouldn't be allowed

Right. And divide and rule is their policy. Right. Wake up and look in a mirror, you fucking hypocritical, spineless moron.

@ Indian, Anonymous2.
I told you, you picked the wrong day.

Jhayu said...

Oh, my mistake.
I meant Anonymous3 back there.

@ Anonymous2.
Do yourself a favour. Grow a brain.

Jhayu said...

@ Preeti.
Right back at you, my fair maiden.

Menaka said...

Definitions that i have inferred from this comment thread:-

Modern: aping the west (sure, we ape the western culture. They gave us telephone,electricity, the Indian railways, the Postal system and many other things. These things are very useful nobody had a complaint about aping the west then.

Ultra-modern: women wearing tiny clothes and going out and drinking in pubs.(The British brought in the concept of wearing a blouse and a skirt under the sari. until then sari's were worn without a blouse)

Tradition and culture: historical records of what were known as the Indian practices (a bit retarded don't you think? i mean if Indian tradition and culture were to be measured as per just how much of the 'original' culture we retain, then to be completely traditional, we should divide our country into several states ruled by kings. schools should be established in the teachers' houses and instead of teaching them 'twinkle twinkle little star' they should be taught the gayatri mantra.)

Over Rated said...

Dude .. that was simply


Jhayu said...

@ Men A.K.A. Warrior.
Damn, girl! I bet that's only like a fifth of what you had in mind.

Ooh, go make it a blog post of your own!

Jhayu said...

@ Over.
= p Thanks... I had good inspiration. Plus it's been a nasty day. You'll see why.

labiamajora said...

Anonymous # 3:

What do you have against Christian people? Speaking as a Brahmin, I love their 'divide my legs and rule my world' policy. You should try it sometime. Blowup figurines are real cheap these days.

No kisses for your naughty places.

Muchos punani love,

labiamajora said...

*or blow up figures*
I don't judge.

Jhayu said...

@ LM.
See, didn't I tell you about sex starved Indians? Sex toys are supposedly banned in this country, even though we make the leather ones in Dharavi.

Anonymous said...

@Jhayu or jhatu like ugly face ..what u want to say leather u try it..or u ther one born from there ?

Jhayu said...

@ Anonymous4.
@Jhayu or jhatu like ugly face What the fuck does that even mean? Can't any anonymous users form a coherent sentence?

And my sexual preferences notwithstanding, what the fuck is it to you where I was born?

@ Jhayu, All.
This is why I didn't allow anonymous comments before. Because it brings me face to face with that heady mix of stupidity and incoherence.

labiamajora said...

@ Jhayu: I didn't know that India has banned them. Does that mean I have to go shopping for them now?

Oh well, my father will just have to bear the embarrassment during custom checking.

kurtnirvana said...

@jhayu dude check my comment section for True pic they have not spared me either these gays. lol, FUCK IF I CARE about them though wat i say is that they need a life wat say agree on this one?

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