Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Gaming Convention Jokes

I recently played a game called Hitman. You've played it? It's really difficult, man... I mean, those damn roaches point-blank refuse to stay in one place!!!

God TV is aiming to get new viewers, especially in the younger generation. To that end, they've just released a new computer game. It's called Halo.

There's a new game out that involves two teams, each running a laundry service. The objective of the game is to go to the other laundry's territory and sabotage their washing. It's called Behind Enemy Lines.

Responding to media pressure that their games are too flashy and violent, Rockstar Games is planning to release a new game where players are forced to steal old, run-down station wagons. They're tentatively calling it Bland Theft Auto.

Counterstrike: When every coin on a carrom board refuses to move.


Counterstrike: The average Indian government office.

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Ani said...

First of all, I believe that's CS sir.
Oh wait, that's it.

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