Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Journalism. Hahahahahahahaha.

I have never hesitated in showing my utmost disdain for TV news and its desire to report awe-inspiring stories headlined, "Shahbash Bandar Mamu!" etcetera.

Today, I officially announce that the Times of India has gone from being the No. 1 broadsheet daily to being India's most widely read tabloid. While this has been a change that occurred long ago, I wanted not to believe it. However, my faith has now been shaken to its core.

16th July 2008, Mumbai Edition.

Pg. 2: Fearing arrest, newly weds rush to court - How couples are afraid of police action from parents against their wedding.

Pg. 4: A jet for Mr. Deshmukh - How Mayawati beat Vilasrao in a race to get a jet.

Pg. 5: Eco-friendly Ganesh idols unlikely this year - How restrictions cannot be placed on size and materials for Ganesh idols for religious reasons.

Pg. 6: Admissions resume, despair continues - How the ambiguous admission procedure continues, harrowing students and parents alike.

And apparently, this news item is more important.

Pg. 3: NRI friend of Rani Mukherjee's uncle robbed


9 member protest rally:

Che said...

Tch Tch. No Comments yet :P
Boy this is the reason i quit watching TV and now soon will stop buying newspaper.
If I want to read stories I would rather go to crossword.

Jhayu said...

Or Landmark!

Jhayu said...

P.S. Does this qualify to go on Whobrokemynews?

Che said...

Ah umm well needs more elaboration on the last headline. throw in a bit of satire/sarcasm/outrage/anger/exasperation/ get the gist.

Mudra said...

Dude today's Mumbai Mirror headline is about Rahul Mahajan wanting to make contact with extra-terrestrials. Or something.

The Times fills up the front page with the Bachchan family when they don't even have these idiotic items about Rani Mukherjee's uncle's cousin's wife's brother's dog.

Jhayu said...

Yeah, but the Mumbai Mirror *is* a tabloid. It doesn't pretend to be a serious newspaper.

Ani said...

"Shahbash Bandar Mamu!" etcetera.
You must tell me where you saw this. MUST.

Yeah, MM is a tabloid. Just like Mid-day.

Jhayu said...

Shahbash Bandar Mamu was a 10 minute special report on Star News that detailed a goatherd monkey that took care of his flock.

Ani said...

Clippings? :P

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