Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Genius Ad: Vol I

Kicking off a new segment on brilliance in advertising that really goes unnoticed most of the time. Given the size of the internet, I think this is going to end up like Gina's 'Amusement Calling' series.

Skipping the chit-chat, here we go.

Right, right... As opposed to...??

And before you people start asking, this was for work.

6 member protest rally:

kurtnirvana said...

Cool Man I was wondering if kids are allowed for a honeymoon?

Che said...

right. "work". dude i work there too. there is no such "work". liar. My dressing undressing women all day was work. this is not.

WV : kwctn

Over Rated said...

Kids these days, they grow up early.

Btw, I think I won the gay freak out. :P ...

I also won the "Most awkward situation created" sweepstakes.

Paradox Philic said...


P.S. - Thanks dear for linking me in the post. I am flattered :D

Jhayu said...

@ Kurt.
I'm sure yours will be on your honeymoon.

@ Che.
Screw you and your little online sex games in the office.

@ Over.
Hey, who said that? I can keep going. I can keep going right here, baby.

@ Gina.
Seems I'm 'taking inspiration' (read copying)... Must credit originals.

Over Rated said...

That's what they all say .... and then they back down.

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