Monday, 4 August 2008

Forwards and Backwards

The country's moving in two opposite directions.

Today I ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant with The Alan Parsons Project playing in the background.

Today I saw a street kid take a crap in front of a public convenience.

Where do we think we're going to get?

5 member protest rally:

Che said...

It means no matter how advanced we get, future is still crappy.

Jhayu said...

Dude. Stop it. You'll never be a match for Bala. Stop trying!!! PLEASE!!!!

Che said...

But Try I Must.

Jhayu said...

Try, try, till it's pointless and you know there is no chance of success 'cause people will just smack your ass for trying to be a wise-ass. When will you learn, Maniak?

Ani said...

How about a Street Kid taking a crap in front of Alan parsons :P

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