Saturday, 23 August 2008


This adblog thing really is going too far, and I must do something about it, but for now:

A question it is recommended you ask yourself (and your near & dear ones) everyday:

Are you a bot?

8 member protest rally:

Over Rated said...

A question all of us would like you to ask yourself every morning when you wake up.

DO I really need to overdose on my sleep medication everytime?.

Just trying to be helpful.

Jhayu said...

Now, now, Over, how much Phensedyl I drink before I go to bed is my concern and mine alone!

Ani said...

Yes, I am not.


yash suchak said...

Waiting for - 'GAP III'

Jhayu said...

Chusks! I knew the day would come when I would see this. It almost gives me the feeling that it's the only reason you come to my blog at all!

And yeah, I've gotten a little caught up with work, but I promise, as soon as the inspiration hits, it'll be up there.

In the meantime, though, as you can see, my blog has taken a turn in a very, very different direction.

yash suchak said...

Yes, I do see where you have swerved.. however it also gives an insight of what you have been doing?
With the story, take your time, as far as you intend to complete:P

..and how was Goa?

Oxy said...

ah, and all this while I used to think aphrodisiac would do the THING.

Jhayu said...

@ Chusks:
Goa will happen, dude. I'll post...

@ Oxy:
Firstly, welcome! And yeah, you think an aphrodisiac can do anything for you? Dude. Cough linctus is the way to go.

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