Monday, 11 August 2008

Meet My Friends!

I was sick this weekend past, so I was pretty much at home the whole time. This gave a couple of really old friends a chance to catch up. Seeing how they're such fun, I've decided to let the world meet them through my blog.

This delightful little character is the most effervescent of the lot. I met him for the first time when I was something like 11 or 12. What he does best is to reach into my head, and almost by magic, gets these synapses there to dance in a wicked awesome wave formation. And they fire up well for him, too. Out of all the friends you're going to meet, he visits me the most.

This guy is a bunch of fun. Every time he visits, he leaves me slightly off balance. You'll see why he's called that. What he does, essentially, is stuff my brain in a cocktail shaker, and make sure the end result is the smoothest drink you'll ever down.

Bludger: Sorry, Jo, your copyright's just expired.
Now Bludger gets his name for the simple reason that he likes to sit in my skull and bludgeon anything that moves, stays still, exists, or is an illusion in his head. He's rumoured to be the reason for my oh-so-pretty countenance.

This guy's a real party animal. He has these awesome party tricks he likes to show me every single time we meet. He's got these meat cleavers, and he positively insists that I let him dice my brain up. It's really rather amazing how small he can get the pieces to be...

He's one of my favourites. We call him Emgee 'cause he likes to take my brain and rotate it around like a mixer-grinder. A really, really powerful mixer-grinder.

Never one to back down from party tricks, this guy has one of the best. He can make a slight mist appear absolutely anywhere around me. He's especially good at high noon. He's often made it difficult for me to identify people sitting close by, and insists on hanging around, even at night, and particularly when Throbber and Bludger are around.

You have those friends who turn up at the worst times? Hose is one of them. He's my least favourite of the lot. He usually turns up right after Throbber, Bludger and DayGlo leave from one of their little parties. What makes him so irritating, you ask? Rather simply, he sticks around till the waterworks turn on. Cheap shot, b@$#@^d.

So there you have 'em! Now you know my bestest buddies in the whole wide world!

4 member protest rally:

Che said...

Dude you make it sound like you had a terrible hangover.

Reminds me of my post "Life As I know It"

Jhayu said...


I wish.

And nice plug, my friend.

Over Rated said...

Since I've been under the weather this weekend too. But the question begs to be asked,

How much cough syrup have you had, really?

Jhayu said...

Oh, I remember the good old days... I'd go take swigs from the Phensedyl bottle, just 'cause it tasted wicked awesome...
But yeah, Mom doesn't keep that at home anymore.

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