Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Today it was "Get out or see what I'll do to your internals." Let us discuss a few possibilities for tomorrow.

"Get me fifteen perfect, unchipped chalks of fifteen different colours or I'll reduce your internals"

"Wash my car or I'll screw up your internals"

"Sign over intellectual property rights to that project or you won't get internals"

"Take all four optional subjects or your internals will suffer"

"My ghar ka maali is on leave. Tend to the rose bushes or it will affect your internals"

"Stop breathing or I won't give you internals"

"Make a set of 500-page notes that I can sell under my name or I'll cut your internals"

"Buy an LCD for the college or I'll screw you in internals"

"Massage my legs or I'll do you-know-what to your internals"

"Wax my hairy back or forget about good internals"

And you know what the worst part is? People will do all that shit, just for three more marks.

Afterthought: "Ice my nipples, bitch, or else..."

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