Sunday, 30 March 2008

How To Use The MiracleMop

Step I:

Dip MiracleMop in extended mode into bucket.

Step II:

Pull back on extension.

Step III:

Squeeze out extra water.

Step IV:

Return to extended mode and enjoy strain-free cleaning.

Step V:

Look happy, Goddammit! @#$%!!!

Update 31.03.08:

As it turns out, all the energy saved in the 'strain-free' cleaning is spent trying to get the damn thing to drain out excess water. Ergo, either the woman displayed above is Wonder Woman, or the combined twisting force of my mother and me equals Olive Oyl's left pinky.

2 member protest rally:

Me said...

Where in hell is that from... looks like someone who would work in my mothers office...

Jhayu said...

Don't look at me. That's the official How-to Manual for this mop thingie.

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