Monday, 31 March 2008

Coffee Mugs

It's been scientifically proven that coffee looks sexier in black mugs. In fact, here's the Top 5 coffee-sexy-making mugs:
  1. Jet Black. Designs may include further artwork in black.

  2. Garfield mugs rule. Actually, put Garfield kicking Odie's ass on practically anything and it becomes uber cool.

  3. Coffee mugs with one-liners about Coffee as the Most Important Part of Your Day.

  4. Coffee mugs with one-liners printed on the inside.

  5. Coffee mugs gifted by special someones.

Actually, the sexiest coffee mug exists on my Facebook Graffiti Wall. The black mug got upstaged 207 days ago today.

Now, repeat after me: "I'm sorry, honey! I don't make the list!"

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